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Mychal Massie

Political Correctness and Islam

We live in a day and time when the truth is not tolerated. Half-truths and situational explanations are accepted but they are by definition lies; and yet they are embraced and expounded as if they were revelations given by secular metaphysicians of unparalleled understanding. And there is no greater example of same than “political correctness”. […]

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The Most Important Job Of Politicians

What is the single most important job in the mind of politicians? TO GET ELECTED — DUH!! In order to get elected they need an issue — a “hook,” if you will — and the can’t-miss hooks are: terrorizing senior citizens — as in “they are going to take away Social Security and you need […]

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So, Why Did Holder Resign Now?

I’m reading the speculations pursuant to Attorney General Eric Holder’s seemingly sudden decision to resign his position. They range from speculation about his health to his low approval rating to his becoming too much of a liability for Obama to keep around. I disagree with those thoughts. Another speculative thought is that Holder wants to […]

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