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Thursday, January 29th 2015

rightRoe v. Wade December 13, 1971 | Reargued October 11, 1972 | Decided January 22, 1973

Mychal Massie

‘Wittle Baa-wee’ Obama, Boehner, Cruz, and Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted a Republican invitation from Speaker of the House John Boehner to address a joint session of Congress. And wittle ‘Baa-wee’ Obama is upset. (How dare those dastardly Republicans do something he doesn’t approve of?) So wittle ‘Baa-wee’ has announced that he would refuse to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. And it is a safe bet that he will do his best to make sure Democrats do not attend the Prime Minister’s Congressional address either. Obama’s public reason for not meeting with Prime Minister […]

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Did King Mean What They Say Now? – From My Vault

The following is my syndicated column that appeared in print January 20, 2004. Naturally race-mongers were upset by my words. But today, eleven years later, the truth of my words cannot be denied, even though race-mongers will try to ignore what I have written. ************************** With the ever present cacophony of shrill orthopterans – who pervert Martin Luther King’s call for the same unencumbered opportunity for blacks as for whites to one of lowered expectations without accountability – it is only fair to compare what he said juxtaposed to the […]

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Quiet Rest – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for January 25, 2015, “Our Daily Bread” by: David H. Roper. *********************** Some years ago my son Brian and I agreed to haul some equipment into an isolated Idaho backcountry ranch for a friend. There are no roads into the area, at least none that my truck could negotiate. So Ralph, the young ranch manager, arranged to meet us at road’s end with a small wagon hitched to a pair of mules. On the way into the ranch, Ralph and I started chatting and I learned […]

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Obama Woman Throws “Excrement” in Faces of Military Families At SOTU

I know that most of my contemporaries are writing and talking about Obama shedding any vestige of pretense pursuant to what he truly is in the wake of his State of The Union address (SOTU). Rush Limbaugh opined that Obama will spend what is left of his term in office doing exactly as he pleases in defiance of Congress and the Constitution. But, for the record, I said that was the way he would end his second term immediately after he won reelection. Others opined that there was no longer […]

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