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Unlike homicides due to insanity or criminal activity, Islamic terrorism has a unique goal; to demoralize and undermine the target societies to prepare the way for the global caliphate and the imposition of Sharia.

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Suppose Jews Behaved Like Muslims

Muslim terrorism is either ignored, minimized, or excuses are made. Israel is blamed for unrest in the Middle East.  Jews are hated and condemned the world over including in the Unites States.  But Muslim terrorism is either ignored, minimized, or excuses are made pardoning the animalistic paganism of Islam.  In today’s Video Rant I hit […]

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Protesters: The Fruit of Failed Public Schools [Video]

Students are leaving public schools and so-called institutions of higher education with no marketable skills and comprehension levels barely above 6th grade on the Flesch–Kincaid Readability and Comprehension Exams.  But thanks to anarchists masquerading as teachers, the one skill set these young people possess is the ability to parrot excessive ignorance and shameless public protest.  […]

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Helpful Facts About President Trump’s Immigration Ban

HERE’S THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BAN You are hearing about President Trump’s immigration ban, which not surprisingly the progressives have purposely misnamed a Muslim ban, and also about a federal judge issuing a temporary injunction against same. As usual most of what you are hearing and being told is purposely misstated and/or outright fallacious. Below […]

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The Four Blacks Targeted ‘White’ Victim and Media Knows It

Media Denies Blacks Live Facebook Torture Of White Is Race Crime As unbelievable and unconscionable as it may seem to common sense reasoning, the Associated Press reported: Chicago police say they don’t believe a man beaten in an assault broadcast live on Facebook was targeted because he was white. … Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said […]

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