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Slavery Wasn’t Based Upon Skin Color

A myth that many Americans as a whole buy into is that slavery was about being a skin color The following article was originally written for the Racial Policy Center ( ************************* Self-limiting pursuits that serve only to retard personal growth and reject modernity have plagued blacks in America uninterrupted, in the form of identity […]

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Great Generations

God is the author of liberty, and without God, surely the nation will collapse The two competing factions in these United States have ideological differences that motivate them that are as different as the serpent’s and God’s in the Garden of Eden. While God made the right way of living clear to Adam and Eve, […]

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expired term limits

Term Limits Will Solve Nothing

MYCHAL MASSIE OPPOSES TERM LIMITS Many conservatives find it a stunning admission on my part when I say that “I’m unapologetically opposed to term limits.” They are even more shocked when I say that I will resist the codification of term limits. I once thought I favored term limits; because I, like many today, hadn’t […]

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U.N. Ignores Muslim Slave Trade But Condemns America For Slavery

No group has played a more prominent role in the African slave trade than Muslims The United Nations is a worthless cabal comprised of acrimonious anti-Jewish despots and neo-Leninist bigots pretending to work for the summum bonum of the world. A classic example of the United Nation’s heretical duplicity, which can be gratuitously defined as […]

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