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Great Generations

God is the author of liberty, and without God, surely the nation will collapse The two competing factions in these United States have ideological differences that motivate them that are as different as the serpent’s and God’s in the Garden of Eden. While God made the right way of living clear to Adam and Eve, […]

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The Daily Rant Two Americas

Two Americas

As a woman who has never felt professionally (or otherwise) oppressed because of her gender, the Women’s March held in Washington, D.C. on January 21st had puzzled me. Having grown up in a stable family and conservative neighborhood, I have always believed that obstacles to success were rooted in something other than discrimination – running […]

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Alinsky Said It Best

A Checklist To Identify America’s Internal Enemies History is replete with a plethora of infamous characters who lead many astray. To be sure, they are as brilliant as they are conniving, and they are as charismatic as they are evil. Unfortunately, they have other things in common as well: their inspiring words have wreaked havoc […]

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