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Friday, February 27th 2015


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Let’s Say It Is Because Obama Is Black

There are only two plausible reasons why criticism of Obama is immediately viewed as being because he is black.  For those who are quick to wield such illogic, I submit that if we were to agree with them, they would not like my reasoning. Watch this two minute video and tell me what you think.  Do you agree or disagree? Take action by sharing this article

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Muslims Are Dehumanizing Themselves [VIDEO]

Muslims are quick to blame others and cry victim whenever they can; but in reality they are personally to blame for whatever feelings of consternation and contempt the world has for them. They are invading hordes that make no effort to assimilate to the mores of the countries they infest.  There is not one country they have migrated to that they have not ultimately done harm.  Countries (specifically America) have gone out of their way to provide comfort for Muslims and the thanks those countries receive in return is terrorism […]

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What About The Liar In The White House [Video]

NBC has suspended their evening news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay for lying.  Williams lied, no one disputes that; my question is, compared to the lies that Obama has told and continues to tell, why does he get to do so with impunity when his lies are destroying the country? We invite you to stand with us to expose and stop the liberals and win more Americans to our side. I know you are as energized as I am to spread the optimism and hope of the […]

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Black Power

Blacks and their liberal enablers are quick to say they do not have power. The truth however is very different.  It’s the kind of power they have and it is how they use same.  Blacks have the power to behave in the most reprobate and anti-societal ways; and then be rewarded for said behavior.  Blacks can make unfair and absurd demands and have them met.  To say blacks have no power is a contemptible lie. It’s not that they have no power, it is understanding the proper way to use […]

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