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Kiarre Harris

Child Protective Services Steals Children From Homeschooler Kiarre Harris [Video]

Kiarre Harris is a self-employed struggling single mother raising two children.  She refuses all government assistance, choosing instead to teach her children the true meaning of self-sufficiency.  Because the Buffalo, NY public schools were failing her children, she followed the letter of the law to homeschool them, which the Buffalo public school system gave her […]

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No free speech here

Protesters: The Fruit of Failed Public Schools [Video]

Students are leaving public schools and so-called institutions of higher education with no marketable skills and comprehension levels barely above 6th grade on the Flesch–Kincaid Readability and Comprehension Exams.  But thanks to anarchists masquerading as teachers, the one skill set these young people possess is the ability to parrot excessive ignorance and shameless public protest.  […]

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we have a muslim problem

I’m Sick of Complaints About Slavery [Video]

I SAY GET OVER SLAVERY Commonsense people understand that America ended slavery 152 years ago.  Yet groups like those at Columbia University complain as if slavery just ended this morning. If these people are so concerned about slavery let them go to Muslim countries and tell the Muslims to end slavery.  Progressives foment acrimony and […]

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