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Saving Susan Rice - by Dan Bubalo

Saving Susan Rice – by Dan Bubalo

It’s a safe bet that if the Obama administration had devoted as much attention to saving the murder victims in Benghazi as they are saving the sorry, inexperienced backside of marionette Susan Rice there would be no investigation of a cover-up to keep a sitting president from being perceived as an indecisive and immoral weakling.  Clearly, she allowed herself to be used as a tool and showed the discernment of a trainee as opposed to an experienced ambassador when it came to selling deceased Americans down the river to protect her boss, and she slipped into defense mode as easily as most people slide into their favorite pair of sneakers.

So what prompted the “smartest lawyer in America” to go forward on behalf of the president and LIE and perpetrate the hoax in the same vein as Double-Down-Rice, who is making an even bigger fool of herself as I type?

Skin color matters not a whit with respect to her considerable missteps and opprobrious behavior for she openly distributed misinformation to protect the reputation of a man with a vaporous backbone who treats underlings like a mother rat, nudging its babies to eat the bait first to find out if it’s poisonous.  While criticism of Ms. Rice is being deflected by knee-jerk defenders as racial, is it not richly ironic that the very man who sent her into battle naked is also black? Apparently mental malleability and weakness are not traits confined to race but rather a reflection of character, and regrettably, neither has any.

In order for us to believe Rice did not knowingly, willingly, and purposelessly mislead and LIE to the world in order to hide the cowardice and prejudice of her boss is to believe that she operates in a vacuum and was completely and totally unaware of the facts.  Anyone, who would so despicably sell their soul for a quid pro quo offer of a nomination to a vital cabinet position to perpetrate fraud as a co-conspirator of the president is most certainly not of the mettle to be entrusted with the sophisticated and delicate demands of Secretary of State, and it is upon this basis that she disqualified herself as a viable candidate and NOT on the basis of the color of her skin or her gender, for she always held in reserve at all times to simply say “No”, and she instead said, “Yes, Massa.”

Give me a break with all this racial and gender crapola, will you?  She’s pathetic and so is her boss, although they’re not alone. (Oh, and by the way, Mr. Obama?  This isn’t the playground in the inner city in which you never lived, so quit pounding your chest to defend Ms. Rice as if she was your girlfriend……and not up for a big job for which you had slated)

Now let’s talk about Hillary Clinton, a woman with an absurdly inflated sense of self, rivaled only by the fawning media who once pronounced her the smartest lawyer in America.  Perhaps, after nearly 25 years of manufactured adulation, someone might think to cite a prominent case in which she participated so we no longer have to degrade the reputations of Messrs Belli, Civelleti, Gould, Jenner, and Liman, all of whom were her contemporaries while she was vaingloriously praised for no reason other than that of being in the spotlight and being married to Bill.

In fact, a case could be made that if she hadn’t married a lawyer who was ultimately disbarred, nobody in the upper echelon of legal circles would even know her name.  So what prompted the “smartest lawyer in America” to go forward on behalf of the president and LIE and perpetrate the hoax in the same vein as Double-Down-Rice, who is making an even bigger fool of herself as I type?

A number of explanations come to mind, including unfounded arrogance, a lifetime of telling unchecked lies, (being named for Sir Edmund Hillary though he conquered Mt. Everest five years after she was born, being shot at in Bosnia, her daughter jogging near Ground Zero 9/11/01) and, perhaps, just perhaps, ignorance.  I know more lawyers than I care to admit, but I’ve never met one who would go out and blatantly LIE again, and again, and again, and again to cover the tracks of a rudderless president.

Oh, my.  I just described “Hillary Clinton squared.”

Lastly, we have the president addressing the U.N. and re-telling the cover-story of the cover-up to cover his ineptitude a full 14 days after the Benghazi slaughter and bowing to his puppet masters from the Arab world that a terrorist attack was caused by a video.  He didn’t just suggest it, by the way; he reiterated in seven separate portions of his address.   Let’s not fall for the misdirection play involving the naïve and easily manipulated Susan Rice, who was promised a position for which she wasn’t qualified by parading herself in front of five different news shows to foment fiction.  Let’s turn the focus toward the listless and disengaged leader, Barack Hussein Obama.  Not only did he instruct members of his cabinet to lie, he assumed the lead and continued to perpetuate the false narrative himself.

Forget Petraeus and his infidelities.  Sure he goes down as a skid mark in a tawdry soap opera, but he was nothing more than a smokescreen held in reserve to keep the posse off the trail.  I guess that shows that one might be a great military strategist and leader while not necessarily having the brains of a baby turkey.   Rice?  Misdirection play.  Hillary?  Just another huckster shill who should have known better than to participate in the fraud.  What’s it all mean?

We have an inept, cavalier, and yes, lazy president with unquestionable pro-radical Muslim sentiments,  whom in his own words once pompously stated:  I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.  Well, baby, those winds they are a-changin’.  Imagine FDR pledging allegiance to Hitler or Hirohito, or any other president except Carter kowtowing to Russia.  The outrage would be thicker than a mushroom cloud and equally destructive.

Barry Soetero, aka Barack Obama, told the world the dog ate his homework, a flat tire made him late for work, the power went out and his alarm didn’t ring.  Reality says he is a liar, and closer scrutiny says this is just another case of criminal behavior he is allowed to promote without check thanks to stacking the deck with enablers.

I don’t know about you, but nothing about this ship of fools says “leadership.”  There is no Professor among them, although the boat is chock full of Gilligans.

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