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Speak Out: Your Obamacare Nightmare

ACA SpeakoutThe Daily Rant has been getting a lot of emails about Obamacare nightmares and horror stories. We are collecting your Affordable Health Care Act stories in the comments section of this page, and hope to use them all in one document. Thank you for trusting us with your Obamacare experience.

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101 Responses to Speak Out: Your Obamacare Nightmare

  1. Maria April 20, 2017 at 6:04 pm #

    i have a comment that abama care get rid of it I have a friend who hasn’t been to the doctor or hosp but with this Obama care they took his whole tax refund and they still want more money where is the justice why should you pay for something that you didn’t use that’s unfair you work hard all year round and you depend on that refund every year but the government wants to take it away so what do they do with that money the government is still broke I feel sorry for those who didn’t have insurance and have to pay the government they suck they are heartless I hope trump reads this we votes for you to change this crazy Obama care also I had Obama care last year and it sucked went to the doctors and I still had to pay the full bill went I went to the doctor I didn’t have to pay at that time because I had insurance I was never told I would get a bill SO TRUMP DO SOMETHING please I don’t want the IRS to take my check I have a child and I can’t afford this Obama insurance some here are prayers

  2. Regina Hamilton March 29, 2017 at 7:59 pm #

    My Obama care plan was $495 a month. There was only 1 doctor in 100 miles radius that would take it. My deductible was $1000. There was only 1 pharmacy that would fill my prescriptions. I had to travel over 45 minutes to go to the doctor and to get my medications. Then after 10 months of being on the plan I got on Medicare. And I got a Obama Care medicare part D plan plus vision and dental. It was supposed to cost me $33 a month total. It ended up costing me $243 a month. After 12 month I moved 10 miles…..10 MILES!!! And they cancelled my insurance!! All but my medicare part A and B. Then the IRS charges me $780 for 2 month of “uninsured coverage ” for which I still had coverage under medicare part a&b! But I still was required to pay. And my premium was on $243!WTH!
    I called to try to get a new plan and they said that it wasn’t open enrollment so I couldn’t sign up for a new plan! Even though they kicked me off my old plan.

    Thanks Obama! You suck! I hate you! I hate every Democrat who thinks that they are some great benefactor to the American people! You have lost your mind and need to come visit middle America and see what your great Obama did to this country with this horrible heath care injustice!

  3. DMecey March 29, 2017 at 6:17 pm #

    My premiums were and had been sky high with a super high deductible in 2016 with it constantly rising every few months. By October it was simply unaffordable. I was approaching 65 so I hoped I could make it to February 2017. I rolled the dice and came up snake eyes. Christmas Eve I’m feeling pain in my lower back that would not go away. My neighbor literally forced me to go with him to the ER at 4 am after seeing a post I had made concerning it. I have only one kidney, it was blocked by a huge stone in the ureter. That began what is now over three months of anguish with part of it being when I attempted to purchase a plan in January as a stopgap measure on costs, I was told I couldn’t. Nice piece of legislation. Plus, there were even doctors’ offices who when I would call to try to make an appointment would NOT accept Obamacare policies even if I had one!! The name given was the biggest joke on America ever, Affordable Healthcare Bill. It was and remains an albatross around America’s neck that should be removed completely, even with all the supporters for it crying and screaming. Replace it with something that’s NOT mandated and has some legs that makes it fair & sensible to the consumer. Not another tax and spend loophole for the Dems.

  4. Debbie Churchill March 29, 2017 at 2:45 pm #

    I had a perfectly good health insurance through Blue Cross. A $3500 deductible. Cost me $128 a month. Then Obama care kicked in. We did our taxes. That same plan jumped to 1200 a month. I refuse to pay that amount, so I went direct to Kaiser, same 3500 deductible and it is 600 a month. I am looking forward to a new healthcare system where my premiums go back down to where they first started. I am a small business person and I don’t feel like I should be the one to pay for others insurance.

  5. Dick Zinormous March 28, 2017 at 10:35 pm #

    Just wanted to say Thanks Obama, you dick. I am now blessed with the shittiest policy I have ever had, for the highest price I have ever paid.

    Obama supporters – too bad you didn’t listen to all the people who told you it would suck well before it became law. Told ya!

  6. L Thomas March 24, 2017 at 9:06 am #

    I don’t know if anyone that got ‘help’ paying their insurance from our wonderful government has got their taxes done as of yet….what a big surprise you are going to get! All that $ that the government gave us to help pay for insurance, we have to pay back! They didn’t tell us that part. We just got our taxes done and we got a shock we weren’t expecting! Because we got ‘help’ paying for insurance, we now have to pay the federal government back which means we don’t get a refund that we were counting on. This is really going to surprise a lot of people as it did us. So basically your are still paying full price for your insurance in your taxes and not getting the refund you were expecting to pay other bills. Making people get insurance is just a way to get more money from us…without really helping you as they made out to be! Typical!

  7. Frank March 23, 2017 at 4:01 pm #

    I called the marketplace they told me that I could not get health care for February because it was to late and i had to pay a month in advance so in January I signed up for March with Molina Healthcare , they took my payment for March sent me a bill for April that I paid , then without me knowing they applied it to February in the middle of March so I had health care in February with them but did not know it, once I talked to the marketplace supervisor name Patrice Monroe and explain to her that her organization told me that I could not get Healthcare in February because I did not meet the deadline , she replied that there was special exceptions then I asked her to read me the special exceptions and she refused so the outcome is I paid for February and didn’t even know I had insurance and was never billed for February.what a scam

  8. Sue B March 22, 2017 at 3:59 pm #

    Here is my experience. Everyone says that you only have to pay a fixed amount every year, especially for wellness checks. I had a wellness exam done and got a bill for $2,500. I called the insurance company to find out what happened and went through every item on the bill with them. The bottom line is that the insurance company can decide what they consider a wellness check exam, and everything they don’t like, you get billed for. Also, if you get billed for it, it does not go against your deductible or the yearly allowance. And yes, they will send the bill collectors after you.

    Also, I just found out this year that if I go to my local hospital while on Medi-cal, that if I get blood work done, the hospital does not accept payment from Medi-cal. But they will give you a 40% discount.

  9. Dan Neal March 22, 2017 at 2:17 pm #

    Just finished doing my taxes for 2016, Am on fixed Social security income with wife not working. I paid $232/month for the year as my share with my income for my wife. Because I had $5000 deductible, I had to use out of my 401K money to pay the deductible. Because of this added income from the 401K my Federal tax bill went from $0 to $880. Thanks Obamacare a non deductible expense from the federal government aid while still using health coverage.

  10. SELMA KELLY March 13, 2017 at 5:25 pm #

    I’m writing on behalf of my neighbor who lost her breast — needlessly — to Obamacare.


    The doctors found cancer in both her breasts in April, 2016. They removed the cancer and then sent her to San Bernardino General Hospital, CA.

    The reconstructive surgeon, David Nguyen, MD., took Alla into surgery in May, 2016, and inserted “extenders” into her breasts (temporary implants to stretch the skin and get them ready for reconsruction.)

    Over a 3 month period, her left breast got infected, swelled-up and discharged liquid.

    She went to see the Obamacare doctor 3 times. Each time he said, “Nothing to worry about” and sent her home.

    On August 3, 2016, she went to the SB General again and demanded he take another look.

    Her left breat had turned BLACK AND GANGRENOUS . This time the discharge burst out all over her legs and onto the ground and she had a walnut-size hole in her breast.

    The Obamacare doctor told her to sit in a chair for 12 hours out in the lobby to … “wait for an available bed.” They actually told her, no beds would be available until the next day — and they were so back-logged they could not take her into surgery until 3 days later.

    At 6 PM, she began to cry and went home. She went to see her cancer doctor the next day — who took one look at her breast — and immediately took her into surgery. The cancer doctor said, another day and Alla would have died of blood poisoning due to the gangrene.

    Both she and her cancer doctor have photos of what her breast looked like. How could the Obamacare doctor not have become alarmed?

    She was taken into surgery the next day and her left breast was removed — needlessly.

    In summary — The Obamacare reconstruction surgeon told her nothing was wrong with her breast over a 3 month period and let it become gangrenous. The hospital expected her to sit in a lobby for 24 hours until a bed became available — made her wait 3 days for surgery — and in the meantime, she could have died due to blood poisoning.

    Thanks for your value time.

    S. Kelly

  11. cancerfree March 13, 2017 at 4:49 pm #

    Before Obamacare 1500.00 a month, with Obamacare 725.00 a month. I had cancer last
    year without Obamacare I would be broke. Zero complaints from me.

  12. AshB March 13, 2017 at 9:20 am #

    Tried to sign up for insurance last year, ran into many hurdles. Tried again in January of this year and got signed up…..I thought. I got married last June and had to sit on hold with the marketplace for a total of 10 hours over a few weeks to change my last name. Received my insurance card and it still has the WRONG NAME! I now have to try to get the marketplace to change my name AGAIN so that my insurance company can change my name so that I actually have coverage. I am pregnant and need to go see my OB and can’t!!!

  13. TODD March 11, 2017 at 2:35 pm #


  14. Myranda Whittier March 3, 2017 at 8:42 am #

    I am a full time university student, I cannot afford Obama Care, let alone afford to even start a family. How the f does this stupid government expect me to pay for everyone else’s health care when I don’t even get coverage. This is the most f ed up system. Trump better end this sh*t or there is going to be a revolt

  15. Dan February 23, 2017 at 8:08 pm #

    Had payed out of pocket for BS from Jan – Mar 2016 and could not afford it any longer(family of 4) so had to get a job with coverage. End of year form 1095 comes around and there are 2. One from my Union employers coverage showing coverage March – December. Another 1095 showing coverage from BS that I had paid for in jan-april though it stated that they had covered me from Jan – Dec with subsidies . Called BS and covered California to resolve but neither can see or would aknowledge that there was a clear error. Bottom line is that I’m getting robbed for $2900 in tax return because the Fed government has concocted a form saying that they subsidized me for healthcare in that amount for 12 months when in fact they only subsidized 3 months ($700). Pirates!

  16. Martin February 16, 2017 at 8:49 pm #

    I cannot believe that I had to pay for a HDHP since I could not afford losing 300$ off my check (didn’t even make 20k last year), which in turn I had to pay over 3k in order to start using it. So finally decided to see an ENT since I need to have my tonsils removed and figured well I am already paying for it, WHAT A JOKE. I should have just paid for the surgery out of pocket since I had to rack up a 3k bill for a stupid sleep study, get on a CPAP machine (which doesnt work btw) and get charged monthly for that, PLUS PAY THE FREAKING DOCTOR IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS! Now please, someone explain to me how and the hell this is affordable, its a bunch of bull crap is what it is. Plus I had to step down from full time and lost my coverage, THUS PAYING THE PENALTY AS WELL. Screw you Obama and liberals.

  17. Pamela Winebarger January 7, 2017 at 9:17 pm #

    My husband and I had insurance in 2015, and it wasn’t bad, $219 monthly, and we went thru a broker, they got us help with the Affordable Act, but 12/31/2015 the insurance company dropped out of the affordable act and we got a letter in the beginning of 2016, that we were never eligible for the subsidy and we owed the IRS $11690.00…we ended up filing bankruptcy because we thought we wouldn’t have to pay this, it wasn’t our fault, but we do have to pay it back, so come to find out, the broker and the operators with Obamacare misrepresented us in the market place, and we were never eligible,they put in the wrong information and never included my husband’s income because he is on Social Security disability, so in 2016, we couldn’t afford the medical insurance for me, but hubby has medical issues and thankfully he became eligible for Medicare and we got a medicare supplement for him, but I couldn’t afford $600 monthly with a $6500, for virtually no coverage at all, only catastrophic, so I pay for my thyroid medication without insurance and we thought we would be able to get me insurance this year, but no, too expensive and we can’t afford it this year either, so it has costed us way over $14000 in the last year for Obamacare, please, I am ready for change!

  18. Patrice December 27, 2016 at 10:51 pm #

    My new job doesn’t offer medical insurance, was told to go to the market place it’s easy. Please, within three hours I had at least fifty calls and twenty messages. First if I am interested in anyone I was checking I believe I should call them not random calls harassing me and most are showing on my phone as a possible scam. I answered one call it seemed like it would be a good fit, guess what it wasnt because it didn’t cover prenatal care. I’m fifty years old what the hell do I need prenatal care. This would only inhance insurance I already didn’t have. This doesn’t make sense at all. I’m done trying to find it. If I can’t make the call to get a quote instead of being flooded with unwanted calls them for get it. I’d rather take the fines.

  19. Big D December 27, 2016 at 4:14 pm #

    In Illinois you only have one option for an insurance company. My Health insurance is more than my rent. Work is slow so I need to put my monthly premium on a credit card. Turns out they stopped taking credit cards! WTF now what am I supposed to do? I don’t have that kind of cash! Obama was the biggest POS that ever lived. Obama has so turned my quality of life upside down it isn’t even funny. Now just dealing with the insurance company and paying my insane premium gets my blood pressure rising. It seriously has stressed me so much that I now have high blood pressure. Im only 34!

    So glad Trump is in, SCREW YOU OBAMA

  20. Scott November 29, 2016 at 9:08 pm #

    I say we have ourselves good old fashion Tar and Feather party guest of honor is that piece of shit Obama. All other politicians are required prior to the December 1 deadline to bring there sorry carcass to the party I’ll supply the bats and we can beat the shit out of all these parasites. Better yet lets all stop paying our taxes and insurance and see if this plague can survive without our money. This is why the 2nd Amendment is so important Tyranny is at the door time to take up arms and fight back.

    • Annoymous January 30, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

      That’s kind of what I did . Attempted to pay cash for surgery that I could afford, The patients on the gravy train were prioritized ahead of me. It pissed me off so bad I didn’t go to work for three years because I was so mad about paying for other people’s free healthcare . Considering moving to another country because of it . I flat refuse to pay anybody else’s way when I was denied surgery and I had cold hard cash to pay for it . Mad as hell doesn’t even begin to touch it .

  21. ANTHONY November 21, 2016 at 2:32 pm #

    Just went to renew my Obama care in AZ. My premium went from 687 a month to 1,876.00 a month. Guess who has no insurance come the first of the year. This is the first time in 61 years I will have no health insurance, thanks for nothing Obama.

  22. Timon Hallas November 20, 2016 at 1:28 pm #

    Florida: Self employed 52 old male with zero health issues.

    Cheapest>>>$5K per year with $7500 deductible>So, I’m out $12,500 before I see any benefit.

    Most Expensive?>$16K per year with $800 deductible..and $2500 max out of pocket.


    Plus, for companies that provide insurance that’s “too good”…pay a penalty. Amazing.

    With her support of Obamacare, I’m dumbfounded that Secretary Clinton got 2 votes.

    Plus, the majority of “victories” of adding millions of Americans to the “rolls of the newly insured” were merely new Medicaid and Medicare recipients.

    Of course, every government website misleadingly states gross numbers, not the numbers’ compositions.

    Ah…also, The Obama team also abruptly started to exclude uninsured illegal immigrants from the national tally on total number of uninsured Americans. Before Obamacare, these individuals were counted in that reporting, inflating the numbers. After Obamacare, these individuals didn’t get insurance, but suddenly didn’t get counted any more.


  23. Gary Wagner November 17, 2016 at 8:25 am #

    Obamacare has just pushed my healthcare costs up another $2,000 next year. Here’s a breakdown of what the worst government program in history has done to me so far:

    Premiums: up $1,800 per year = +81%
    In-network deductible: up $1,200 per year = +150%
    Out of network deductible: up $6,500 = +217%
    In-network out of pocket maximum: up $3,500 = +140%
    Out of network out of pocket maximum: up $17,500 = +233%

    Total potential cost: up $30,500 = +190%

    My wife is disabled and we have a lot of medical expenses so we always hit the in-network deductible and out of pocket maximum. That means before Obamacare my total healthcare cost for a year, if I was able to stay in-network for everything, was $5,520.

    in 2017? My cost will be $12,020. That is an additional $6,500 per year for my healthcare, a 118% increase.

    And that isn’t even the scariest part. Before Obamacare, if I hit the maximum of both in-network and out of network limits, my total out of pocket cost would have been $16,020. Next year? $46,250. So because of Obamacare I get to live with the real possibility of going bankrupt over medical expenses.

  24. Brock November 17, 2016 at 6:43 am #

    When the ACA went into effect I had my own insurance plan. Instead of offering benefits my employer paid a health and welfare allowance of $3.71 an hour (about $593 per month). My plan cost $750 per month, with a $750 per person deductible. I was perfectly fine with my plan, I was one of the hopelessly naive Americans who believed Obama when he said we could keep our plans, so I wasn’t too worried.
    Fast forward to September of that year, I get a notice from my insurance telling me my policy is being cancelled because it doesn’t meet ACA requirements (it didn’t include maternity or mental health coverage…fine with me, I don’t need it). So I get on the marketplace looking for new insurance and find a plan with similar coverage to what I had…$1,450 per month (no thanks). Then I find a plan for the same price that I was paying before…$800 per month, no individual deductible, $10,000 family deductible, no office visit co-pays. So I have to pay $800 per month, and then pay every penny of medical expenses until I reach $10,000, I don’t think so. So I decided to go without, big mistake. I was uninsured for three months that year, it cost me $1,350 in fines.
    I make too much money to qualify for subsidies, but not enough to actually be able to afford a decent plan, and I’m not going to just throw $800 a month if I have to pay for all expenses anyway.
    Long story short…Fuck You Obama

  25. Tony Barlaam November 12, 2016 at 8:51 am #

    The government has no business in being in the insurance business. It violated the constitution when the Social Security Act ( A hoax ) passed under the guise of a tax. Contrary to Article 1 section 8 of the constitution. From then on, these power hungry politicians conceived of so many ways to distort the truth and enslave the masses.
    Obamacare like any other for of insurance is a Marxist idea where you take from those that work and give it to those that don’t give a darn. Also there is the consequence of being penalized for not complying with this law and there is no recourse for any mal doing.
    When we hear about the good that it did, by adding 20 million people on the role, they don’t tell you that a lot of these people, especially the young, did not care for this. Also it places a burden on all of us to give protection to many illegal and foreigners who can go anyplace and get service for nothing. It also gives rise to many abuses due to the bureaucratic nature of everything that the government does and that is that these bureaucracies promote the increase of wrong doers in order to gain more power.
    But the most egregious violation of our rights is that the people that force these unconstitutional laws onto us, are exempt from their own benevolence.
    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    One suggestion is that no matter what laws the congress passes, that first there would be a constitutional review and secondly an audit during the administration of such a law and done by non partisan individuals.

  26. Mike November 11, 2016 at 12:13 pm #

    Affordable Care!!! An oxymoron of the highest degree!

    Our health care system is so broken it won’t be long before our economy is destroyed. Like so many, I don’t get health care coverage through an employer. Between health insurance premiums ($2100/month) and my mortgage ($1500/month) I spend 45% of my disposable monthly income. That doesn’t leave much left to spend on other economy generating goods. I’ve canceled cable, reduced retirement savings, taken fewer vacations…..Reducing our discretionary income sounds like a great way to destroy our economy.

    What a great legacy Obama is leaving for future generations!

  27. Deb November 10, 2016 at 9:05 pm #

    Just found out the least expensive health insurance plan for 2017 for 2 people is $1,150 a month, $10,000 deductible. There is no way we can afford this however at our ages we can’t afford to be without it health ins. We are both self-employed professionals. They have essentially jacked up our premiums to pay for everyone else’s.

    • Deb November 10, 2016 at 9:06 pm #

      AND…we are limited to providers in one county at one medical facility!!

  28. tessie calcines November 4, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    Never mind you can keep your plan, doctor, save money, all lies. I received the dreaded statement announcing my premium is going up $122.00 for next year which will now be $475.00 per month. The primary doctor I found through Obama Care is no longer accepting Molina’ Health Plan and the other plans are so expensive that are not affordable. So basically I have nowhere to go. Mr. Obama, what where you thinking!!!!
    T. Calcines

  29. Kevin November 3, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

    I am 67 years old and recently retired after 48 years with the same company. My wife is 58 years old. While I was working my employer sponsored health insurance for me and my wife was $277 per month or $3324 annually.
    My annual income before I retired was $103,000 and my wife did not work. In retirement with pensions, SS and 401K our annual income will be $81,000. My wife is 58 years old and so I went to start her insurance for 2017. Comparable insurance plan to my employer sponsored will cost $1,905.63 monthly, cheapest bronze plan is $889.31 monthly. Combine the bronze insurance cost for my wife with my Medicare premium, supplement premiums and her deductibles our monthly insurance will be $1,647 a month or $19,764 annually. That is 24% of my retirement income. That is a disaster for me. I should have never retired! Worked all my life, paid hundreds of thousands in taxes and now I get shafted when I retire. I am not rich but because I am middle income bracket I will have to pay 24% of my retirement income for medical insurance. Obama care has ruined my retirement. Cancel any travel or fun things. This is not fair and I want something done about it. I have saved and planned for retirement. Budgeted $400 per month on my wife’s insurance and now find it will cost $900 per month with $5,200 deductible and 50% copayments. Why do the middle income carry all the burden? There are fewer of us every day. Wished I had never voted for Obama.

    • Jonathan Mason January 2, 2017 at 5:04 pm #

      You could go and live in the Dominican Republic in great luxury and pay cash for your health care during your retirement, and have enough money left over to take a round the world cruise every year. In 7 years your wife will get Medicare, so then you can return.

  30. Don October 30, 2016 at 2:13 am #

    Wait until you get the 2017 premiums – it just keeps getting better. Thanks obama -pos

  31. Cory October 26, 2016 at 2:55 pm #

    I am self-employed and had a nice HSA plan for my family and I with a monthly premium of $325 for a $5400 deductible plan. Since Obamacare started, my premium has risen and now the same plan costs me $1000/month…for the same $5400 deductible. How is this possible? How many people are getting subsidized by my payment at my expense? Why is it okay to drain my bank account of an extra $8400 per year to pay for other than get the same covered for less than $100/month?

    Back when I was single, I bought health insurance. I couldn’t afford to eat out every night, drive a new car with fancy rims, cable TV, or new fashion clothes AND pay for my insurance. I made the decision to buy the insurance rather than whine about not having enough money to do all this other stuff I wanted in order to be responsible and get insurance. That situation hasn’t changed, except now the gov’t takes from me to give to those of don’t want to budget so they don’t have to make hard decisions. It’s another tax on people how have worked hard and achieved in this world…and it’s as disgusting as any other tax that punishes those that have to give to those that do not. Make me sick. Unfortunately, it’s hard to rollback an entitlement and trashing this crap (i.e. Obamacare) is going to be difficult.

    You know, I’ve thought of shuttering my business and going to work for the gov’t. Let them take someone else’s money to give to others. I’m gonna move over to the group that drains tax dollars from that group that supports the whole house of cards. Maybe we can speed up the crash and then work on rebuilding once we clear the rabble from DC.

  32. Pissed October 21, 2016 at 4:53 pm #

    Fuck Obama and Obamacare. Premium is going up $700/month in 2017. All so some no job having, suck off the system, low life motherfucker can have coverage.

  33. nameplate October 19, 2016 at 2:20 pm #

    OMG. Type 1 diabetic/asthmatic/allergies. I work a job to afford food/healthcare. I can’t afford anything else.
    F-U OBAMA.

  34. Alex k October 18, 2016 at 4:30 pm #

    34 yo
    No pre-existing
    No government benefits

    Obama care has only offered me $10/mo discount. I am not eligible to sign up for Obama care until November for active insurance in January.

    Every plan I’ve researched on the open market does not include any preventative care, no female care like obgyn or birth control and definitely not covered for pregnancy. The minimum price for these plans are 300$+ and only allow 4 doctor visits a year and very high deductibles. How in the world is anyone supposed to afford insurance???! It’s a snowball affect which is crushing our economy! Take me for example. I can’t afford health care and if I could it still doesn’t cover what I need. Let’s say I get pregnant, that’s not covered so I either go into debt or apply for welfare. Both of those things only contribute to a bad economy! Does anyone know where to find some trustworthy information?!?!? PLEASE!?

    • Southern Lady December 28, 2016 at 4:53 pm #

      Alex K
      Check on Christian care network it was form to help all Christians share medical care cost among members and leave government out of it. My friend told me about it
      I will pray for you to get help

  35. dave October 11, 2016 at 5:07 pm #

    Obamacare basically forced many people in California to have to get Medi-Cal. Obamacare basically acted as the middle man for Social Services. And, Medi-Cal is horrible. Shoddy doctors who do the least possible. They meet the minimum standard of care and leave it at that.

  36. Linda September 17, 2016 at 7:43 pm #

    My husband is self employed owner operator truck driver, we purchased health insurance before Obamacare was implemented. Our insurance in 2011 price per month was $240 for my husband and $269 for myself. Since Obamacare our insurance rates increase every year. We now are paying monthly $455 for him and $442 for me and mine will be increasing again in January with my renewal. This is out of control, neither of us are in bad health and we hardly ever even use our insurance.

  37. Justin August 31, 2016 at 9:09 pm #

    As a person who abused drugs earlier in my twenties, I must say I agree with you 100 percent. Drug addiction is a choice, and a lifestyle you choose to live. It wasn’t rehab or NA meetings that got me clean, it was the personal CHOICE to simply not use drugs. It’s simple really. Stop getting high. That is the cure to addiction, not rehabs or 12 step peograms. Take a look at your life and realize that nobody is causing this chaos except yourself.

  38. Kathleen Jelinek August 30, 2016 at 6:18 am #

    This comment is related to Obamacare. I have 2 dogs both requiring phenobarbital for seizures. This medicine is very old and used to be very inexpensive. I paid about $7.00 per dog per month. Since Obamacare kicked in phenobarbital has skyrocketed up to over &148.00 per dog per month! It’s a true hardship! Big Pharm has been unleashed on the American public since Obamacare. Friends have also told me horror stories about meds that have skyrocketed.

  39. James August 14, 2016 at 1:16 pm #

    I have Obama Care and want to tell u it is horrible. I have a drug addiction and it’s hard to find a drug program that it covers without paying the high deductible.
    That is why so many people stay on drugs because they can’t get the help they need right away, unless they are wealthy and have private insurance.
    If you don’t have money u are out of luck. We need better health insurance and a wall to stop these drugs from killing us.

    • Jane August 29, 2016 at 4:26 am #

      Drug addiction programs should not be included in any insurance plans. Drug addiction is a lifestyle choice, a weakness of character. When it is part of a plan, then others are collectively paying into insurance to have this covered. This is simply not fair to most whom are NOT drug addicts/alcoholics!

      And that is NOT why people stay on drugs!
      You make the choice.
      Go pay for it yourself.

  40. James D June 27, 2016 at 4:13 pm #

    I live in North Georgia in the mountains. I’m a veteran, I use obamacare for my wife and kid only because the VA covers me and I am a contractor. I make right around the 4x poverty line for 3 deps so I pay it all myself. It went up from 300 to 500 bucks a month in one year (2015 to 2016)!! for 2 people. I have the lowest bronze plan and have a 7000$ deductible.. Nice. How can this crap go up to 500 from 300 in one year!!! Terrible. I’m trying to figure any way around this….sick of paying for something we don’t use unless my head falls off. Help!! If the government wants to subsidize sick people with tax payer money I can stomach that better than the rates going way up for the few people that pay their own freight. Just terrible. How can this be a federal law yet the rates are insanely high for some and not others? Just completely unfair in many ways. If you don’t like high car insurance rates their are things you can do (cheaper car, not get speeding tickets etc) but there is nothing I can do if I don’t want to pay the stupid IRS fine. Just makes me want to pull my hair out. I even consider working less to make less money so I don’t have to pay so much money based on my yearly wage.

  41. JDD June 16, 2016 at 2:55 pm #

    I will keep my story to the facts.
    1) I’ve had the same coverage since 2010. Same deductible (an HSA), no co-pays. It has been “grandmothered” in (thank God) due to the President changing the requirements that were initially part of Obamacare. Plan doesn’t cover pregnancy or mental health.
    2) The premiums have more than doubled since 2010. I now pay over $1200 per month for a family plan, total deductible is $3500 (includes everything that is covered). That after the Federal government spent how many billions for this program?
    3) I pay for it out of post tax dollars (we do get an income tax reduction on the amount spent due to it being an HSA – but that doesn’t include premiums) – none of it is paid for by employer or anyone else.
    4) The percentage of the premiums that we could get an income tax reduction on decreased directly because of Obamacare. (I believe before Obamacare you could get an income tax reduction on premiums over 10% of gross, Obamacare changed that to 5% – but don’t quote me on the specific numbers here – it reduced it be 5% or so).
    6) I have a dependent with a chronic disease so we hit the deductible every year. This year we will spend over $19000 on health care (premiums, deductible and paying for other things that aren’t covered by insurance – vision, dentist, etc.).
    7) My wife works for a school district that offers health insurance (the single plan is considered affordable so we can’t get an subsidies if we wanted to change to a plan on the healthcare marketplace). Unfortunately, the family plan being offered has premiums that are several hundred dollars a month more than what we currently pay, that coupled with a deductible that is twice as high as our current plan and with a 20% co-pay to boot. So that really isn’t a very good option because our pay certainly isn’t going up several thousand dollars a year to be able to make up the difference.
    8) I believe 2016 will be the end of the grandmothered plans, so we have to change from something that is really expensive, to something that is not even remotely affordable.
    9) So, given this – now what? Not get insurance? Kick my chronically ill dependent out, and stop providing support so she can claim to be independent on her taxes and then get Obamacare health insurance subsidies? Lots of great options!
    10) We consider ourselves very fortunate in that to date we have been able to make it work financially, although every year we keep taking a bigger step backwards. However, I’m afraid next year, if we are forced to get an Obamacare compliant plan with its drastically higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays, that step back will be too large, and we will have to do something drastic to simply pay our day to day bills.
    11) One idea that couple help a little is to make all health care costs (premiums and any payments) 100% tax (including social security and Medicare). This would make it the same as those how have their health care payed for by their employer that have that benefit given to them in pre-tax dollars.

  42. Heather June 2, 2016 at 4:18 pm #

    I think I’m living in a third world country! Over the last 36 years, we moved around a lot due to my husband’s work, but I was a teacher so I could usually find a job or substitute. Not much in the way of retirement, though. Health issues helped us decide to retire last year. We’re not able to get Medicare yet, so we went on Obamacare. My husband decided to take a temporary job and it raised our payments $250. If he worked more it was going to go up an additional $300. He quit. So we’re paying just under $600 now, but our out of pocket is $6800 each. When I needed an echocardiagram, I put it off as long as I could because I have to pay for it myself. I have to decide if I can even afford to go to the doctor. And to top it off, we put the check in the mail 9 days ago and it hasn’t been processed, so I can’t get my prescriptions filled. I wonder if the government run post office or the government run healthcare system failed me. Glad it’s not heart meds!

  43. Christina Marlowe June 2, 2016 at 1:46 pm #

    OBAMACARE: Another EPIC SCAM Continues to DEFRAUD Americans (STOP PAYING!!!!)

    Insurance Company Celebrates 50 Billionth Fucking Over of Customer

    CANTON, OH—Overjoyed Cigna executives celebrated the health insurer’s 50 billionth fucking over of a customer Thursday, personally surprising 56-year-old spinal trauma victim Clyde Gershon with champagne, confetti, and hundreds of multicolored balloons as they denied his most recent disability claim.
    The wheelchair-bound Gershon, who has required an expensive regimen of pills and physical therapy since a 2010 car crash, was greeted at his front door by cheering, party-hat-wearing members of Cigna’s senior management, who posed for pictures while presenting him with an oversized cardboard “Claim Denied!” letter explaining that he was judged fit to return to work and would lose all coverage at the end of the month.

    “We did it! We’ve completely and utterly fucked over a customer for the 50 billionth time,” exclaimed CEO David Cordani, drawing a vibrant round of applause as Gershon, gaunt and dejected, stared blankly off into the distance. “Ruining this many lives is an accomplishment no one ever could have dreamed of back in 1982 when Cigna was founded. And today, I can proudly say we have not only achieved it, but inflicted an incalculable amount of mental anguish along the way.”

    “So congratulations, Mr. Gershon, you poor son of a bitch,” he continued, raising a flute of Dom Perigno. “On behalf of myself and the rest of our 30,600 employees, I hope you find some other way to pay for your medical care, because you are now royally fucked!”

    According to sources, Cigna has been preparing to commemorate the 50-billion milestone since late April, when its “Big Board”—an electronic ticker counting the number of customers the company has savagely fucked over—passed 49,500,000,000 after the insurer postponed coverage of an unemployed father’s kidney transplant for the fourth time, forcing his family to accumulate mounds and mounds of debt to pay for dialysis.

    Excitement continued to grow throughout the summer as eager employees began refusing claims for procedures the company had previously covered by saying that they “hadn’t been coded right,” which accelerated its march towards 50 billion by an additional 200,000 fucking-overs per day.

    “In my 13 years helping this company prevent sick people from getting the health care they need, there has never been a more exciting—or lucrative—time to work here,” said Cigna’s executive vice president Mark Boxer, celebrating at the office with the national accounts team, which took turns swinging at a cancer-patient shaped piñata. “Under my watch, we’ve fucked so many people over that I received a 25 percent raise last year, putting my annual salary at close to $20 million dollars and really motivating me to stick it to our customers like never before.”

    By the 49,975,000,000 mark, a party atmosphere reportedly began to engulf Cigna’s Bloomfield, CT headquarters. Claims processors would reportedly fuck patients over first by waiting weeks to pay their medical providers, and then by sending them the wrong amount. Gleeful telephone operators fucked over customers by openly hanging up on the ones who had called to protest being fucked over.

    In the days leading up to 50,000,000,000, sources said, customers were getting a “full fucking over from every direction.”

    “Once we got within striking distance of 50 [billion], we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we made the big one an event? You know, really fuck over some pitiful fuck in true theatrical fashion,” CFO Ralph Nicoletti said. “And since we keep such detailed records of exactly whom we fuck over and how, it was easy to locate Mr. Gershon and really make sure we devastated him in a way that was worthy of such a momentous occasion.”

    “He turned out to be the perfect choice, too, because it ends up we’ve fucked him and his family over thousands of times before,” he continued. “It’s always nice to fuck over our most loyal customers.”

    Speaking to reporters on Gershon’s front yard, Nicoletti reiterated that despite reaching the long sought-after goal of 50 billion, the company was still as committed as ever to fucking more and more people over.

    “We’re not going to stop fucking people over any time soon,” said Nicoletti, adding that he hoped to get to 75 billion by the holidays, which he described as truly the most fun and fulfilling time to fuck somebody over. “It just goes back to the promise we make to every one of our customers: You turn to Cigna for protection in times of ill health, and we’ll be there to totally fuck you over.”

  44. Bob May 23, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

    We were paying $370/month and that came with a whopping $7,000 deductible EACH, so $14,000 deductible a year. My wife went in for an annual physical we thought we were paying for, and now we’re going to get a billed for hundreds of dollars. Where is this insurance money going? It’s a nightmare. This is horrible. Unbelievable.

  45. Mimi May 10, 2016 at 10:58 pm #

    I am a regular citizen and registered Democrat. I even read approx 800 pages of the official copy of ACA. I have few examples ACA is a useless and unjustifiable propaganda. My employer can only offer two types of health insurance plan both are administered by a very reputable company. I call the choices mediocre and lousy. Even the better plan aka mediocre requires me to pay $11,000 for a gynecogical. ambulatory surgery I need. I had the same surgery done about five yrs ago for less than $500 out of pocket expense. On a smaller scale, I found out today I cannot change my doctor with whom I am not happy with. I found two doctors more convenient for me. The kicker is neither accept my health insurance. I was even willing to pay cash $250 for the first and $263 for the second doc. One would think I should be able to get an appointment right away nope I have to wait. The third example is I got the required and periodic blood test done for $44 cash at quest diagostics. I have a receipt for the same set of test done at quest a few yrs ago with health insurance for $100.00. My current doc demanded me to use her prescription. The fourth example is me and my hubby really liked this family practice near home. $25 co pay with perfect service it used to be. Now we have to pay.minimum. $75 and service went way down. Urgent care near home used to be $50 about 3 yrs ago. Paid a visit a few months back and they sent me a bill for $175.00. And the last I used to think my prescription insurance is phenomenal. Just ordered same medicine for at least a few dollars cheaper than what I pay at local pharmacy. One more example is my OBGYN who was happy to get $120 cash fee six months ago now charges $150.00. In my opinion, ACA created multiple layers of cash basis medical system, lowered quality of care, made medical care more unrealistic for many working class. All in all I want to question” where is justification and or benefit?”

  46. Jay Bach March 16, 2016 at 5:58 pm #

    I am rapidly losing interest in the political scene. We wouldn’t give them 2 cents if they asked us anymore. It’s just take, take, take and give nothing back but hot air!!!! My wife and I will vote, but to vote and allow as-h-les like Romney, who is nothing more than a back-stabbing SOB into the current political forum, & while it is his right if we want to preserve freedom of speech, I am just sick and tired of the whole matter. Maybe Trump is a little rough around the edges, but so what? We feel like the politicians in this country are thinking they are driving this boat but in reality, we don’t like any of these ‘insiders’. It is SHAMEFUL what they think they are doing and who they think they are. They think they know more than us, that they are smarter then us and they are the elite. What a bunch of CRAP!. We have crooks in office, crooks running for office and those that are not crooks are too dumb to see what the hell is going on! I think some of the press is starting to get it, but they don’t seem to care.
    The current members of the political ‘elite’ now in office might be doing us a big favor if they just shut up for a while and looked real close at the way we feel. We don’t think that they care so I guess that’s not such a good idea either.
    Did you ever notice that when they are receiving donations they are all puffy and happy, but let a year or so go by and dumbos like Romney or Vice President what’s his name from Delaware and others would throw them under the bus in a heart beat if it served their own interests.

  47. Jack March 3, 2016 at 9:00 pm #

    My husband and I have both worked and have been insured all our lives. I recently put my notice in at my job and in turn lost my insurance. I will be starting a better job but through a temp service so no insurance. Ok fine I’ll get it through my husbands job. Well he brought home the paperwork and because his company contributes very little we would have to pay 400$ every two weeks to get health insurance. He brings home 660$ every two weeks how are we suppose to live with one spouse bringing home 260$ pay checks ??? So I looked on the government web site and found I could get subsidy insurance but would owe over 1k and the end of the year and still have to pay 450$ a month . So I then went to the open market. I did find some good insurance through a call center but have no real way to verify if this is a scam. They are offering me the perfect insurance but you know what they say… “If it’s too good to be true”……. Not to mention our options are limited because most companies have enrollment periods which are mostly closed now. I just don’t understand how 2 people who have always worked and been responsible now have to suffer because of obamacare!!! It is more affordable for us to go with out, with these high deductibles and pay the fine at the end of the year!!! Just sad……

  48. Steven February 8, 2016 at 9:25 pm #

    I am a 41 year old male who has been in a work related accident and cannot work at all now due to the seriousness of my injuries. I worked for a Tribal Casino in 2008 and got hurt moving slot machines around to replace carpet. Well after 6 surgeries and yrs of fighting for my rights I was dropped from workers comp after they decided there was no fixing my spine. Well i thought the medical bills were being paid while I was on workers comp and they hadnt paid any and left me with a million dollars in bills. I had to declare medical bankruptcy after my senator here told me you can beat an Indian Tribe and he told me to go file for SOcial Security disability. Well now I have been rejected 5 times due to workers comp doctor saying I am fine but a Neurologist and Neurosurgeon have said theres no way in hell you can work like that. So I go to apply for Medicaid. They tell me since I dont have kids I dont qualify and to apply for Obamacare. SO i call the Obamacare hotline and they tell me since I dont have any income I dont qualify for it since they cant offset my tax return to make it affordable. when I returned to DHS to talk to them about it they told me that due to Obamacare people in my situation have multiplied by huge number. They said now there are more uninsured in my situation than there were uninsured before the law was passed. If anyone knows a different way to get covered please let me know. Thank you.

  49. mary January 26, 2016 at 11:24 am #

    Don’t know why they call it affordable….Trying to find a plan for my son – seems like most of the plans with an affordable premium – have large deductibles and most have to be met before the insurance even pays – so if you have a $5000 deductible and paying a couple hundred a month – and then get sick – your still paying for everything out of pocket anyhow until you met the deductible. My son can go to urgent care for like $150-200 – without paying a monthly premium. Yes this won’t help if he is really really sick or injured – but this scenario does not give him any comfort in obamacare. Some plans have a co-pay of $125 per visit, or 20% after your deductible. Open your eyes Obama – normal joes in the US can’t afford this. When you add the numbers all up – your talking $10,000-12,000 or more a year – I’m sorry, but someone who buying a place and paying all the bills associated with the place and working making $10 an hour – can’t afford this – he works as much overtime as he can to pay his bills, but then it puts him in a different bracket for health care and makes that cost more. So now he will work more hours to pay the healthcare premiums, but next year he will pay more yet….It’s a stupid plan, and my insurance costs went up when obamacare kicked in….there needs to be a better system. Oh then you hear that young kids are getting pregnant just to get healthcare and food stampls….Our America is turning into a F up place to live. We have taught people it is easier to go on well fare than to work….glad I’m old and only have 10-20 years left – it hurts me to see my kids struggle so….

  50. Rev. Curtis May January 20, 2016 at 11:02 am #

    I can’t afford the Victrosa I need because of the “Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)” How can anyone think this is a good Idea?

    • Jim Renick March 29, 2016 at 10:26 am #

      All democrats thinks this is a good plan because there not on it…

  51. Christina November 10, 2015 at 1:55 pm #

    I am starting a new job tomorrow and it’s not as good a good news as I had hoped, thanks to Obamacare.

    I can choose a health care insurance plan that covers actual medical expenses, I can choose a “wellness plan” that only covers things like routine tests, immunizations, and exams, neither, or both.

    If I choose the ACTUAL MEDICAL INSURANCE, that pays if I need to get ACTUAL MEDICAL CARE, I must pay the Obamacare fine! To avoid the Obamacare fine of $325 for 2015 and even more for 2016, I must purchase the plan I specifically DO NOT WANT — the annual physicals and screenings plan.

    The closest the “wellness plan” comes to covering medical care is that it pays for contraceptives, for which I have no use because I’m post-menopausal.

    I get a choice of either paying a fine every year or spending $60/month ($720 a year) to buy a “wellness plan” that I have absolutely no use for. And that’s on top of the premium for the actual insurance.

    Somebody please explain to me how this is making it easier for me to get HEALTH CARE COVERAGE and how it lowers my expenses.

  52. Meghan J October 30, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

    I never voted for Obama, and I have been on State Insurance since 2009 when I was pregnant with my first son. Apparently there are no provisions for women who are abused and spouse refuses to pay for insurance got cut because of my husband’s gambling. Now my husband and my kids have Medicare and me…nothing. No doctors take state insurance or obamacare, I was grandfathered in by my doctor so he still took my state insurance. I have a medical condition where I have meds I have to take and slowly state insurance has refused to pay for them one by one, not only that The state limits medications that are working to keep me alive. This is such a mess. I don’t work, and even if I filed and got disability, my docs don’t take the insurance either. What the hell is this mess. Medications are costing more. I can’t get anything I actually need right now. I know this sounds garbled, excuse me I am really upset and leaving out lots of details. Just lost my state insurance yesterday. Why? I feel like walking up to every member of government up to the President and just scream in rage for having to suffer. I didn’t ask for any of this and I was getting better, I was making way toward my goal of freeing myself and my kids… Thanks for making that impossible Obama and Scott Walker.

    • Meghan October 30, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

      Dude can you get my face off my comment?? Geez I thought it would be anonymous!! Help!!

  53. Brenda October 29, 2015 at 5:47 pm #

    First of all. I am amazed at the number of people who are paying these huge health insurance premiums with very high deductibles. Can you please tell me what you do for a living to be able to afford these costs? I want to find a job like that! When I first heard of Obamacare I thought, “Good, maybe I can finally afford health insurance.” Wrong. Obamacare was supposed to be affordable so that everyone can have insurance. What happened to that? If anything, it is higher than what insurance used to be before Obamacare. If I couldn’t afford health insurance then, what makes the government think I can afford something higher now? There are no subsidies where I live and I make just enough to be ineligible for any other help. In my opinion, Obamacare isn’t about healthcare. It is about control and making us pay more taxes. It is a scam and needs to go.

  54. Pam October 28, 2015 at 12:27 am #

    I had insurance through my employer, and while my hourly wage was only $9 per hour I felt that the health insurance made up for it.

    That was one of the policies the new health care mandate rejected so my plan was discontinued.

    There is no way I can afford to play insurance with my salary so now I have none.

    I’m 61, single and live alone. Tell me how I can play rent, utilities, car insurance, gas, food and health insurance on $9/hr?

  55. Phyllis October 27, 2015 at 4:35 pm #

    Two years ago my son was dropped from my insurance plan due to his age. He didn’t sign up for Obamacare because we couldn’t get access long enough to check the website out. When it finally worked, he couldn’t find a single policy that was affordable — the cheapest rate was over $200 a month, and there was a $5000 deductible He’s been attending college full-time, but still has no coverage. Anything that comes up like dental, vision, or various ailments, we have to help him out. We can no longer claim him on our taxes as a dependent, despite the fact that he lives with us and we pay most of his expenses. The reason is that the IRS now requires someone without insurance to have an exemption approved and that process takes months, and is then only good for a six month period. Frankly, I’m worried to have the IRS involved with healthcare in any forum, and don’t see how they can penalize someone for not having insurance if they cannot afford it. That’s just crazy. Meanwhile, we hope our son can finish his degree as quickly as possible, then take insurance when (if) he gets a full-time job. If you use this, please don’t use my real name — sorry but I really do not trust the IRS.

  56. Lady Luna October 26, 2015 at 7:46 pm #

    Since I rarely go to the doctor, I had a catastrophic plan that cost me 217.00 per month that I was happy with. Because of Obamacare, my plan ended, and my only option was a plan that cost over $700.00 per month. Since I don’t go to the doctor often enough to meet the deductible, that meant I’d be paying 25% of my fixed income for a plan I would never benefit from. The whole idea of a “shared responsibility payment” is repugnant and unconstitutional, and I refuse to pay a jacked-up price for something I will never use just so someone else can benefit, so I was delighted to learn that I can receive health care through the VA, and that will satisfy the ACA mandate. Take that, you parasites who want to receive benefits that others must pay for.

  57. VoxAmerica October 26, 2015 at 7:22 pm #

    We don’t have Obamacare, but people need to understand that it still screws you over. Our healthcare is considered a Cadillac plan. We’ve had it for 21 years. The employer had to make adjustments to comply with Obamacare regulations or they would be fined per employee for providing excellent coverage. We now pay more, but have less benefits than we’ve had in the years prior.

    Also – every doctor, hospital, and pharmacy that I’ve had to deal with since these changes took place are complaining about how completely messed up everybody’s insurance is. The ones who complain the most are the pharmacies.

  58. kay October 26, 2015 at 12:52 pm #

    after being diagnosed with arthritis in my spine, I can not work and had to apply for medicaid. I have been turned down by 7 surgeons for a surgery I need. One even said I am not going to do it, I am going to charge them 3600.00 and they are only going to pay me 1300.00. I also have been told repeatedly by doctors office they are no longer taking medicaid patients. So when you need a specialist and no one will take you. I happen to have a good general phy. I can not blame them but for those of us who are truly suffering from physically disabling conditions we are left with no help.

  59. mark September 21, 2015 at 12:57 am #

    I have lived 50 years without serious health problems. If I become sick or need “immediate attention” I will not ask anyone for help! I will crawl into a corner and die! That is one right I still have left! Don’t tell me I must be insured! This government is out of control!! All of you stupid idiots who follow this idea of national health care…..good luck to you. I hope you do not need it and most of you won’t..Hope you enjoy paying for it though.

    • Carole October 23, 2015 at 8:35 pm #

      The pro-ObamaCare fools don’t even realize that the ObamaCare “rule book” specifically states… your Medical Care Will Be Rationed! A Government Appointed Panel will decide when you or your loved ones have received “enough” medical care! What if you have a small child with a serious illness or teenager seriously injured in a car wreck? Someone else will make that decision for you regarding whether they would get life saving medical care! Also, anyone 75 or over will be “denied” any and all Life Saving Procedures or Medications! Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, broken bones….too bad! The Death Panel is made up of a few people with zero medical knowledge or experience and appointed by Obama himself! When you reach a certain age, you must meet with the Death Panel on a regular basis so they can tell you that your life no longer matters and it is time to move on out of this world! Also, in the new ICD 10 codes there happens to be a code for….Death By Guillotine! The ICD 10 codes are required for every diagnosis or treatment by a hospital or doctor in order for them to get paid for their services. ICD stand for International Codes for Disease! Why International ???

    • rob April 14, 2016 at 3:03 pm #

      mark i agree 100percent its a scam.let congress also have obamacare.we know that will never happen.its time goverment got out of are lifes.we are not there slaves.when are people going to wake up.they keep voting these same fools in and think things will change they wife and mine on obamacare was 700.00 a month.on an income of about 42000 a year thats pretty much does obama think we will eat after he taxes us to death.i know they dont care problem is like you i do.this goverment has lost its mind and it better find it fast.glad i am 57 yrs old not 25 these young people better watch out.

    • Lissie April 14, 2016 at 11:39 pm #

      I agree! I am not going to let these money suckers have anymore money than the premiums we must pay. My husband went to an in network emergency room where he was admitted for observation for 2 days!! He wanted to leave but his nurse told him his insurance may not pay if he leaves against Doctor’s orders! The bills came in and once his in network deductible was met, a doctor who had been an in network doctor for a previous claim for the incident became out of network and now our deductible was $5000 not $1500. We (employer and my husband combined) pay over $1000 a month for this crappy choice plus plan. It gets worse, now we are paying over a thousand dollars for the rental of an ekg and another piece of equipment used at the in network hospital from this emergency room stay! and of this charge only $3.02 apply to his out of pocket. It turns out that the true deductible is $6500( mixing in network and out of network) and many charges do not apply to the deductible or out of pocket for either in or out of network which is really $20,000 even if you use an in network provider as the hospitals use out of network providers for MANY THINGS! and they don’t apply to out of network deductible. And on top of the $20,000 out of pocket are the other charges like the equipment rental, out of network nurse practitioners who bill like doctors. I am worried about a nurse who billed over $2600 for 4 stitches to my husband’s elbow as they are considering her a Doctor even though I have told them she is a Physician Assistant.

      • Judy Hamby April 18, 2016 at 9:34 pm #

        I am thankful that both my husband and I are covered by both medicare and tricare for life which is for retired military personnel and their families. If we had that Obama crap as our insurance we’d surely be broke as I’ve had several surgeries over the past few years including a shunt implanted in my brain,a reaction to a medication which meant 3 weeks in hospital and another 3 weeks in rehab. And I was recently diagnosed with degenerative kyphosis. Thus far no treatment for this crazy stuff. Doctors seem taken aback about what to do with a 78 year old still active women who, next to her husband, loves her 6 year old Bull Terrier more than anything in the world (next to her son and grandson who live way out in Oklahoma, of course.

  60. anastasia August 25, 2015 at 2:42 am #

    I was fine with the medical I had from the state of Texas. They took care of me when I had two heart attacks. When Obamacare decided that I would have to pay for insurance from them, I was then told that I would have to use a PPO to go through the hospital that I had been going to for 3 years. All of a sudden I was paying for insurance and the first year I was 8,000 dollars in debt to the hospital out of pocket. This was only for appointments and testing that my doctor ordered. My premiums for the next year tripled, and I am assuming that there was no cap put onto continued health care by the insurance companies for the second year. This is totally unacceptable! I changed to another healthcare company, and I like them, but what happens next year? A total scam I am supposing!
    Now I just got a letter from the IRS stating that they know I filed for an extension, and that even though I had until October 15th to file, that unless I filed early I would not be able to get my Obamacare for 2016.
    This is ridiculous! I have the same rights as every other citizen with a 6 month automatic extension…..or don’t I? If am sure this has happened to a few people, or am I the only one? Do all people who make less than 35,000 dollars a year file taxes at deadline or are some of them like me, so busy trying to survive that they don’t have time for the paperwork…or better yet, are just plain literally sick and tired to put out an effort to do so. I find a 6 month extension to be a stress vacation because I can’t afford to take a real one!
    I am also wondering with all those extra jobs in the IRS created by Obamacare, why is it necessary for someone to not be able to take an extension? Obviously I am considered a second class citizen who doesn’t deserve to have a life in the eyes of Washington D.C. Someone should ask them what happens when all of their slaves have coronaries? Do they have to get out and actually work, or clean their own houses and do their own grocery shopping, or wash their own cars, not to mention drive themselves instead of having slaves to do all of their bidding? The economy is crap, the stress is high enough to give you an actual heart attack, yet the added stress of a system that doesn’t work is acceptable to the politicians…? Give me a break!! Who are these guys, and who votes them into office?? It certainly wasn’t me!

    • Mary Jane May 3, 2016 at 12:17 am #

      I supported Obamacare. I supported Obama. I had never had a private insurance policy in my life. I have always had insurance through my employer. Because I am a law abiding citizen, I applied for Obamacare for one month…I was laid off and lost my insurance as of 2/29, and the insurance with my new job started 4/1. I failed to notify the Marketplace 14 days prior to my new insurance kicking in. I ignored the bills. Yes, these things are my fault, but I’m not the only ignorant and/or stupid person out there. I didn’t see the small writing on page 11 of 18 pages of application that said I may be liable to reimburse Obamacare for up to 3 THREE!!! months of premiums if I didn’t request a cancellation.

      I got a couple of bills from BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD (the evil f***rs who invented private insurance), but nowhere did they inform me that I might have to repay the $494 the feds were prepaying them. So, Obamacare gives me a three month grace period. How nice. Who the F*** expects a three month grace period?? Who even expects to get any coverage past the current month’s due date? So, I call the Blue devils and they advise me they can’t terminate my coverage for another 2 weeks…

      So, I call the Marketplace and they tell me yeah, you’re liable. We paid them, you owe us…plus, while trying to google whether this had happened to anyone else, I find out that I’m going to be liable for a good portion of the subsidy since I got a higher paying job…

      So, at the end of this year, I’m going to owe a good portion of $464 for March,, as well as all of April, when I was already covered by BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD through my employer, $516…plus another 6 days of May at the same rate. I believe I refilled one or two prescriptions of the cheap generic meds I take while on Obamacare. Instead of paying a small penalty for not getting insurance for one month and paying around $20 for my medications; I am going to be paying back the government around a thousand dollars.

      Death to the middle class. Long live the robber barons and their paid stooges.

      Thanks, Obama.

  61. Janet June 22, 2015 at 10:38 pm #

    At the time of Obamacare going into effect, I already had medical insurance, so I was not concerned.

    June 1st, 2015, one of my maintenance medications increased in my copay cost from $30 to $135 for a 3-month supply from the “money-saving” mail order pharmacy through my Medicare Advantage plan. When I questioned my insurance company I was told the medication was re-classified as a tier 3 medication (Tier 3 medications are brand name, not generics). The vague answer I received was that there was a price increase of the medication. This made no sense!

    Is this just the beginning of what I am to expect for healthcare costs in the USA? How will others and I live when all medications, future doctor visits, medical treatments and procedures also increase over 400%? If the government is trying to kill me, then maybe they should find a quick and hopefully painless way to do it rather than making me suffer for the rest of my life because I cannot afford the co-payments!

    Medical care is now a huge money-making industry where a few heads of insurance and pharmaceutical companies must be making enormous amounts of money. Doctors have been stripped of their rights to treat patients by people who know little or nothing about treating patients. This is so wrong! We need medical industry reform more than healthcare reform.

  62. Fay Dickson May 21, 2015 at 3:02 pm #

    In May of 2011, I had to have back surgery to relieve pressure on my spinal cord. I developed MERSA in the O.R. After the surgery, I was unable to walk because of the effects of the MERSA. I was in rehab for 2 1/2 months learning to walk again. I had physical therapy every day , and after my release, I was to have it 3 times a week as an out patient. That was fine until Dec. I had 12 treatments ordered for Jan. , 2012 ; on my last session, I was told there would be no more sessions due to the onset of ObamaCare———- I was only going to get 12 sessions for the whole year, and I had already had them. I can’t afford the cost of private sessions. I was left with being forced to use a walker, and being tied to a chair because my legs are almost totally useless. Because of extensive nerve damage, I can’t feel my legs. I don’t know what I would do if my son hadn’t come here to live when his wife died . I suppose I’d have to go into a nursing home. ObamaCare surely is to blame for part of my condition, I can’t be fixed, the spinal cord is scared, but those therapy sessions kept me mobile.

  63. Susan Cope April 25, 2015 at 9:20 am #

    The AHCA is defintiely a misnomer. There is nothing affordable about it. in addition to a monthly premium the out-of-pocket expenses are outrageous. The recent policy I got for my husband at a premium I could afford required us to pay out-of-pocket $5000 before the isurance kicked in any money. Not one red cent! One prescription for my husband now costs $798 for only 30 pills. He had to stop taking it as well as a couple of other meds until we found generic brands we could afford but did not work as well. Not only that, but try to find a doctor hwo will accept the insurance. Many local docs in our area don’t participate with the AHCA programs and so we end up paying out-of-pocket anyway!!! We are finding that to justify any kind of diagnosis or treatment, such as scans, and x-rays, the doc has to ask for pre-authorization and provide endless documentation as to why this test is necessary. The govenrment has no business being in charge of our healthcare.

  64. AHS April 12, 2015 at 10:08 pm #

    I have been an Obama supporter since the start, I even signed up for Obamacare in CA when it became available, because I truly believed that it was a good plan for our country. However, after just doing my taxes and realizing that I lost my entire refund due to the fact that I had Obamacare (which I never even used) and had to pay back the “Premium Tax Credit” (aka: BS tax) really pissed me off, but I accepted it.

    But what adds insult to injury is knowing that I wouldn’t have had to pay much or anything at all, had I never gotten Obamacare in the first place. That’s why I’m saying… FUCK YOU OBAMA!!!

    I truly hope that Congress repeals this bullshit act that never made any of this clear… if anything, a class-action lawsuit should be brought to the White House for Misrepresentation of Material Facts.

  65. sumitch March 31, 2015 at 11:31 pm #

    The scam presented to the country with Obama Care was that there are 20 million people in the country that can not afford health insurance and for those that could if you liked your insurance you could keep it and if you liked your doctor you could keep him/her.

    We all know now that this entire “healthcare’ plan was purposely designed to be a huge scheme to transfer money from those that had it to those that did not. I have a friend, a disabled Marine (a member of the Marine Corps Mr. President, not the Marine Corpse) that was getting the care he needed before Obama Care. Because his doctor did not fit into Obama Care he had to change doctors to one that is farther away and is not familiar with his problems. His premiums are higher also. But the good news is that he now has maternity care for himself.

    Supposedly there were 20 million people that did not have the insurance. After Obama Care there are still 20 million uninsured. But the high school dropouts are insured for not much.

    • MERNA PARVIN October 5, 2015 at 6:42 am #

      Good writing ! I am thankful for the details ! Does someone know if my business can get access to a sample 2013 DoL WH-381 example to use ?

  66. Patty Sacerich March 31, 2015 at 9:33 pm #

    I just did my taxes and yep…there was that lovely penalty for not having insurance last hear. I have epilepsy. I pay for my own medication every month. I pay for my own doctor bills. We had an emergency room visit…which we are paying ourselves. I could not also afford a monthly insurance bill with such a high deductible that I would be paying for those things out of pocket myself anyway on top of the monthly insurance bill! I am penalized for that! I don’t understand this at all. But, the $190 penalty is still lower than the $50 per month I would have had to pay for insurance.

    I finally have a full time job. In 60 days I think I will be eligible for our company insurance.

  67. Mellody Allee March 31, 2015 at 8:53 pm #

    My husband is self-employed and has been for his entire adult life. We had cancer insurance and accident insurance. Everything else we paid for out of pocket. Eye checkups – we paid. Teeth cleaning – we paid. Bronchitis – we paid. Cash. Up front. We could afford to do that. And, it cost us about $600.00 a year. The cancer and accident policies were insurance for things that might cost thousands, be the most catastrophic and hard to pay for if one of us ever came down with cancer or had a disabling accident. We are six years away from being able to sign up for medicare and social security. We live paycheck to paycheck. We aren’t destitute, but we aren’t able to save for our old age, either. Enter Obamacare. We now have to pay $51.51 a month for health insurance with a $6,000 deductible! That is $618.00 out of our annual salary for “insurance” that is just totally a joke. We will now NOT be getting eye checkups or dental care for the next six years. We can’t afford them any more.

  68. MARY SPALDING March 31, 2015 at 10:48 am #

    It pays to be sick, just follow the money so we need to tell the industry to go to hell. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT so stay away from GMO & ingredients you can’t pronounce! Stay away from packaged food & get back to cooking your meals again & NOT in the microwave.

  69. Lori Servies March 25, 2015 at 11:35 pm #

    I have a neighbor who was in a car wreck a few years back & her back & leg problems continue to deteriorate. She works but her annual income is below poverty level. She has tried to get Federal Disability & has been before a Disability Judge but has been denied at each step. She continues to work, even from a wheelchair. I commend her for that. There are alot of scenarios that go into play in her situation that I won’t take the time to go in to. She asked me to help her apply on the website for ACA insurance. She does not have a computer much less a wi-fi connection. It takes us 2-1/2 hours to create an account & even get to the point to compare plans. I am computer savvy but that is the WORST website I have ever seen. Anyway, in the end she was turned down for a subsidy. Her lowest premium available was $355/month! Called customer service – no subsidy because her income was too LOW! Sounds crazy, right! Liberals call me a liar – I have the proof!

  70. Kristi March 18, 2015 at 11:15 pm #

    I had insurance through my employer for my family of four for $5800 a year. Including vision and dental. My company switched carriers and plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act in 2014. My family plan went to $8500 a year for just medical, with much higher deductible, higher co-pays and only 70% coinsurance. We called to get quotes from insurance companies because the market place website did not work. The cheapest quote I received was $900 a month and that was just for my husband and I. They said my two children 8 and 12 would have to apply for Medicare. I am not eligible for a subsidy because my employer offers health insurance. We opted to have no medical insurance for 2014 and will do the same in 2015. We opted to pay cash for all of our get well visits, sick visits, x-rays, blood work, and prescriptions, and did not even spend close to what we would have with for the cost of our insurance and out of pocket deductible. REPEAL IT!

  71. Jerry Lindberg March 5, 2015 at 3:29 pm #

    Because of Obama Care, my wife’s employer now only offers two options. We chose the less expensive. In September of last year I got a license to drive school bus, part-time, with the hopes of keeping the job for the whole year. Because of a heart incident 15 years ago, the doctor said I needed a cardiac stress test in order to turn my “provisional” license into a permanent one. My wife’s insurance wouldn’t cover the stress test.

    It would have cost me $800-$1200 out-of-pocket to get my license. I’m not paying that kind of money to get a part-time job.

    I quit.

  72. Rhonda Nichols February 27, 2015 at 6:13 pm #

    My reg insurance doubled and my coverage dropped. Oh and I had my tubes tied 25 years ago and I am 48 years old what the hell are the chances I am going to get KNOCKED UP!? why do I need pregnancy coverage?

  73. David February 27, 2015 at 2:58 pm #

    A friend shared this with me yesterday. He and his wife are very low income. She works as a dishwasher and server at a nursing home and he has been driving a delivery route for a local small town newspaper three days a week. That is their only income. They have never had health insurance. Last year they qualified for Medicaid when Illinois expanded their coverage. This week Medicaid dropped them claiming they earned $400 too much. So he quit his job in hopes that they will be accepted under Medicaid again. He was told they could get Obamacare with a $5,000 deductible.

  74. Cheryl McNabb February 25, 2015 at 3:55 pm #

    Last year we paid $1687 per month for 6 people, had a $5,000 deductible, $10,000 max out of pocket, full dental and vision, only a 10% co-pay and really great prescription benefits. Well, that plan is no longer available to us so we were forced to look else where. After of research, hours on the phone and rediculous website, we finally settled on the only plan we could afford that gave us the “best” coverage. Now we pay $1682 per month for only 5 people, have a $6,000 deductible and a $12,500 max out of pocket, NO vision coverage and the crappiest dental insurance that we have to pay for, for six months BEFORE we can even use it, and our prescription cost have gone up over $200 per month, making our premiums more like $1882. But, hey, I get FREE birth control and maternity coverage. Awesome, since I don’t need either as we took care of that surgically. I am just thrilled that I can pay for illegal aliens to have health insurance though. NOT!

  75. Sharon Hopkins February 24, 2015 at 9:23 am #

    Originally I had an insurance plan I liked. They canceled because they did not meet Obamacare standards. I got Obamacare with a subsidy. I got the 1095 form required to file income taxes on so I filed my taxes. Then 3 days later I get an e-mail informing me that the 1095 info was incorrect and not to file my taxes. Duh, 3 days too late. Now what do I do. Wait for them to contact me about what to do. Now for 2015 I am laid off and living on unemployment benefits and my husband draws a small social security check. Therefore my income does not qualify for the subsidy, it is too low. My state did not expand their medicaid plans so now I fall in the gap. I don’t qualify for medicaid or Obamacare. I am 61 years old. I should be planning for an easier life instead I have health care issues staring at me.

  76. SSwope February 23, 2015 at 5:18 pm #

    Age 60 in 2014, my policy a high deductible ($5000.) – HSA qualified plan- premium $374.00 /mo. Allowed contribution to health savings Acct. $4300.00, deductible against earned income. My insurance company no longer offered that policy for 2015 so I started ‘shopping’. Lowest cost HSA compatible plan $618.00 / mo – $6500.00 deductible. I opted for a medical expense sharing plan for Christians who don’t abuse drugs or alcohol and don’t engage in out of wedlock sex or sex with other than your spouse. It is exempt from ACA compliance (for now anyway) and I don’t have to feel as though I’m contributing to the murder of unborn infants. I chose a $7500.00 deductible and my rate is $327.00 / mo. To compensate for reimbursement you must choose providers who participate in a network that is widely accepted. Completing my taxes I realized $100.00 too much went in savings… fine $6.00. ACA, what a debacle!

  77. Bob Perry February 23, 2015 at 1:13 pm #

    Even though we are under Medicare, Obamacare is a constant nightmare for us. I contacted our congressional representative, Randy Hultgren, but he never bothered to respond. Last year, my quarterly deductible for insulin went from approximately $500.00 to $1600.00.. When my wife developed vertigo and required a wheelchair I was told the wheelchair had to be obtained from an “:authorized” supplier. Two suppliers did not return calls and when I finally reached them, they both said it would take 7- 10 days to get the wheelchair. I finally purchased one locally for under $300 and applied for payment from Medicare. My claim was rejected because they will only pay to lease medical equipment.
    Now, Medicare has messed up my Medicare supplement payments and I had to pay the 20% copay and my deductible of 147.00 because they told the pharmacy, they did not recognized my supplement insurance.And by wife fell and broke her leg. I have paid almost 1000.00 for home medical equipment.

  78. Greg Luyben February 23, 2015 at 1:03 pm #

    My wife and I had are insurance cancelled. We were told we must apply for Obamacare. We did and now are insurance went from 685 per month to 1504 per month. We are not able to pay that amount and do not know what we are going to do!
    GL in Long Beach Ca.

    • Allan Growten February 28, 2015 at 7:15 pm #

      I’ll bet you voted for Obama. I use to live in California, 75% liberals, now you know what we saw. Glad I moved to Texas, and we are far from perfect. Sounds like many of you are shell shocked, you should have seen it coming.

  79. Kathae February 23, 2015 at 12:45 pm #

    I lived in Canada when universal healthcare came into being. My costs for health insurance went up over 400% overnight and so did my employers. All the good doctors left the system to come here to the US, what you were left with is very mediocre doctors, waiting lines, etc. I had to wait over 2.5 years to have mdy gallbladder removed because it was considered non-emergency. Well I considered it an emergency, because the pain level was through the roof. Costs went up in every direction. They say medical is free in Canada, not on your life.
    My Father was asked to do a paper in the 60’s about socialized medicine and he wrote a scathing report, all of which has come to pass.

    • Mpm September 13, 2016 at 6:02 pm #

      Insurance in Canada 2016 is a hell above Obama Care in the U.S. I am a dual cirizen, lived in both countries and I paid through the teeth in the U.S. just to find out, 29, 000 later in premiums that I am not covered for an MRI or the surgery! Lots of details that I checked out. So now? What did my 29,000 pay for? Not me! Cannot get out of the U.S. fast enough.

  80. Pamela Stong February 23, 2015 at 11:46 am #

    I am an Insulin dependent Diabetic. My Needles and test strips have increased over 400% .They are considered to be “Medical Devices”. While my insurance used to cover all but $12 Of the two combined that I paid out of pocket. The last time I refilled my prescriptions I paid out over $48 bucks. Not to mention that the cost of my prescriptions have risen and I have to pay the difference out of pocket too. It is hard. I am afraid that when I turn 65 in December I will have to decide if I can afford my life saving meds or life saving food. By the way My Husband works for the US Government and Our Policies are “supposed” to be compliant with Obamacare. But last year they charged us on our taxes for not being compliant. The same thing this year. Again out of pocket. I really, really hate Obamacare.

  81. sara February 23, 2015 at 11:11 am #

    Obamacare SUCKS. Don’t know where to start. I’m better off without insurance because paying through the nose and not being able to go to the drs I want to see but only a certain hospital group here in Wisconsin that sucks to no end. I heard Obama once say in his many speeches that no American should go bankrupt over healthcare. Well I filed bankruptcy 2 years ago for that very reason and probably will have to again. Obamacare SUCKS and you can’t even get your kids on it!! They automatically go on state insurance!!! I can’t afford the premium, can’t afford the deductible and copays. We had to pay some of the tax credit back from 2014 because they over paid us! WTF OBAMACARE!

    • Kathae February 23, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

      Trust me, it only gets worse.

  82. Kris Held MD February 23, 2015 at 11:03 am #

    My patient pays $980/month for BC/BS policy that delays paying for his glaucoma meds by 1.requiring prior authorization(My RX isn’t enough)and 2.quantity limits.
    I gave him a sample at his last appt,and the medication worked.So,I gave him a prescription.He took it to Walgreens where BC/BS declined to fill it for above reasons.So,the pharmacy gave him another sample.Today my staff is jumping through hoops to get this filled for the patient.The pharmaceutical companies have to hire 3rd party to help with prior authorization as well.The insurance companies are taking in huge premiums and holding onto the cash as long as they can through delay tactics such as this.The patients and physicians are the ones left doing the dirty work to get patients the meds they need .Bottom line is-insurance companies are businesses whose job is to increase the bottom line. Physician’s job is to help the patient.This mandate to buy insurance is not working.You can sure buy a lot of meds for $980/month.

  83. Scott Habighorst February 23, 2015 at 10:35 am #

    I have already filed my taxes for 2014 & I had to pay the 95 dollar penalty because I refused to buy obamacare. I paid all my medical expenses, which totaled about 1100 dollars, out of pocket. Had I bought & paid for the insurance I was eligible for, it would have cost me nearly 3000 dollars. What’s wrong with this picture?

  84. Angel Shane February 23, 2015 at 10:26 am #

    My nightmare is that they want more for me and my husband than we coming in in a month , with a super high deductable!!!! So we had to pay the fine! And now we have to pay out of pocket for our Dr.!

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