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Friday, May 22nd 2015


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What About The Day After Easter? – From My Vault

The following is my syndicated column which appeared in print March 15, 2005. It is even more relevant today as it was then. ************************ It is nearly Easter. Soon children will hunt colored eggs and the candy sales will soar. To the folks of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), baby chicks and bunnies will be inhumanely conceived and sold as gifts. Department stores will advertise the latest fashions – on sale of course. Church attendance will skyrocket for this one day, the pews being filled by both […]

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Ignorance On Display

I get literally thousands of emails weekly. Nearly all of it reasoned and respectful even from those who disagree. But then there are those who are filled with rage and unfathomable bitterness. And tragically, although predictably, the overwhelming majority of those come from blacks. The refusal of those I reference to truly accept modernity is a sad and tragic commentary, but the most pitiful thing about them is their ignorance. I believe on a basic level their plebeianistic screeds are born out of their inner knowledge that they are self-alienated […]

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Let’s Focus On A ‘Untied Future’ – From My Vault

My following syndicated commentary was originally published February 17, 2004. It is as true February is Black History Month. But instead of black children learning the truth of American history, they are taught revisions and misrepresentations. Instead of white children being taught the truth of said history, they are imbibed with guilt, shame and the burden of past ills under the guise of truth. In many instances, those teaching are unforgivably ignorant of the truth and /or purposely distort the truth. My grandmother used to say “You are what you […]

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Understanding The Origins Of The Black Mindset

Reasonable minds are often perplexed as to why many blacks are bitter and angry at society in general and conservatives specifically. I’ve discussed the fact that many blacks harbor these feelings, but it was a former NBA super star who pulled the curtain back on this reality and allowed the light of truth to shine on it. I was watching a sports anthology on basketball recently. A segment of the program focused on the “Fab Five of Michigan,” the enormously talented group of freshmen basketball players who took Michigan’s basketball […]

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