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Saturday, May 23rd 2015


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History Is Not A Color

“The first step in changing our condition is to change our minds. By your mind you are transformed. Nothing is more powerful in the world than a made-up mind.” said Shakespeare, in a speech given to Henry V. That is the dirty little secret that one is not likely to hear mentioned very often this month. For the next couple of weeks, libraries and classrooms will be transformed into active centers for the commemoration of black history. What should be a retrospective of American history has, in many instances, been […]

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George Winfield Is TDR’s Racist of The Month

While there were zero contestants for TDR’s January “Racist of the Month,” there were close to 50 to choose from for February. It seems that my February 4, syndicated column titled, “What You Won’t Hear During Black History Month” sent racists of every description into an apoplectic frenzy. The criteria for “Racist of the Month” are not predicated upon name-calling exclusively, albeit, name-calling certainly will get the racist strong consideration. Consideration for the “Racist of the Month” is given to those who do not immediately engage in name-calling and also […]

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What You Won’t Hear During Black History Month

February 1st begins the 28 day “ceremony to injustice” that is nothing more than an aversion to modernity that encourages people to mire themselves in the past juxtaposed to embracing the present and the future. To me that is the essence of Black History Month. Black History Month is used by the nefarious and the corrupt to divide, to evoke blame and guilt, and often for personal gain. Public school children will be immersed in a 28-day vat of a factually flawed and at times fictional history of how bad […]

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Let’s Focus On A ‘United Future’ – From My Vault

The following is my syndicated column that appeared in print February 17, 2004. It once again shows just how far ahead of the curve I was in discussing the issues we grapple with today. Which is why I titled my book “Random Rants: I Was Right Then And I Am Right Now.” ********************* February is Black History Month. But instead of black children learning the truth of American history, they are taught revisions and misrepresentations. Instead of white children being taught the truth of said history, they are imbibed with […]

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