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Blacks Don’t Want Factual History They Want Pity

As so-called Black History approaches, it seems that blacks have a life in America that is bad to the point that all they can find to complain about is: Santa Claus being white, not getting an academy award nomination for being black, black thugs suffering the consequences of their illegal actions, and their angst that […]

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Obama Economic Policy

Let’s Talk About ‘Black’s History Month’

With the ongoing debate and distraction pursuant to whether or not Hollywood is racist, I find it reasonable to address same in the “fore-drop” juxtaposed to backdrop of so-called Black History Month. The most important fact Pavlovian blacks refuse to realize is that being equal is not synonymous with special treatment; which is exactly what […]

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History Is Not A Color

“The first step in changing our condition is to change our minds. By your mind you are transformed. Nothing is more powerful in the world than a made-up mind.” said Shakespeare, in a speech given to Henry V. That is the dirty little secret that one is not likely to hear mentioned very often this […]

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George Winfield Is TDR’s Racist of The Month

While there were zero contestants for TDR’s January “Racist of the Month,” there were close to 50 to choose from for February. It seems that my February 4, syndicated column titled, “What You Won’t Hear During Black History Month” sent racists of every description into an apoplectic frenzy. The criteria for “Racist of the Month” […]

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Let's Focus On A 'Untied Future' - From My Vault

Let’s Focus On A ‘Untied Future’ – From My Vault

My following syndicated commentary was originally published February 17, 2004. It is as true February is Black History Month. But instead of black children learning the truth of American history, they are taught revisions and misrepresentations. Instead of white children being taught the truth of said history, they are imbibed with guilt, shame and the […]

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