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Saturday, April 25th 2015

Chicago’s ‘Black Star Project’ Synonym for Hypocrisy

Some things just leave you incredulous. How else can it be said when it comes to the duplicitous standards of blacks pursuant to accountability? I have said it many times and so I say again, black people have a definition of right and wrong that is fluid and predicated completely upon skin color. It matters very little to the majority of blacks what crime a black person commits or whom a black person does harm to as long as said person is “keeping it real” and espouses the right heterodoxy. […]

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The Historical Illiteracy of Blacks

Few perceived historical injustices are more often pointed to than the fact that for a period time the slaves were not viewed as a whole person. That slaves were in fact counted as only three-fifths of a person is wielded as a mace to bludgeon the spirits of the uneducated. This fact is used to poison the minds of the historically illiterate against the American Constitution. What the uneducated and the race mongers glaringly omit is that only slaves were counted as three-fifths of a person. As the historical records […]

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The Truth About Blacks

The overwhelming majority of blacks today are consumed by acrimony born out of historical illiteracy and invidiousness, predicated not so much on the belief that they have it so bad, but that others have it so much better than they because of the color of their skin. This firmly held belief consumes blacks more than any desire for a functional well-being that is consistent with modernity. And yet, despite all that has been done to appease them, (often at the expense of those more deserving), blacks given the opportunity display […]

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Mainstream Media: Cultural Marxist Race Mongers

With few exceptions, the reporters for the mainstream media are reprobate and void of any semblance of truth and/or integrity. They are cultural Marxists doing their very best to promote racial acrimony. I searched articles by mainstream media reporters pursuant to the murder of Jim Stuhlman of the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. Three black teenagers gunned down Mr. Stuhlman as he walked his dog. He begged for his life pleading with them “Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,” ultimately to no avail. Tyfine Hamilton age 15, Brandon Smith […]

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