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Friday, May 22nd 2015


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As we talked, my friend made the simple but profound statement: “I go where the truth leads me.” That simplistic statement should be the pursuit of all mankind but sadly, as another friend said recently: “The problem is that so many foolish people find truth offensive.” Which brings me to my point. I do not view things through a color-coded matrix and that upsets those who place a higher value on skin color than they do the worship of God. They can claim otherwise but the truth undermines their protestations. […]

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Treat Hattiesburg, MS Police Murders Like Blacks Treated Baltimore

There is one thing that you can bet on that’s as certain as sunrise and sunset and that is if one or both of the police officers who were murdered Hattiesburg, Mississippi by the lowest form of black garbage, had fired first and killed one of those pieces of filth, Obama, the New Black Panther Party, and their minions would claim it showed police were out of control and hunting blacks for extermination. I’m speaking of the two police officers brutally gunned down in cold blood in Hattiesburg, Mississippi early […]

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NY Times Editorial Board Imply Blacks Too Stupid For Thinking Jobs

The editorial board of the New York Times (NY Times) quoting from an analysis also in the NY Times, Titled: “1.5 Million Missing Black Men,” seized upon the recent spate of highly publicized, “white cop shoots black.” The article was titled “Forcing Black Men Out of Society.” (April 25, 2015) In factuality it was nothing more than a treatise using statistics to oppose punishment for the great number of blacks who act out anti-social criminal behavior. The NY Times article stated: “More than one in every six black men in […]

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Muslims, Blacks, and Homosexuals: The Three Faces of Intolerance

It cannot be pointed out often enough. The three groups who accuse others of being intolerant, prejudice, and anti-God the most – are themselves the personification of same. Let’s start with Muslims. They are typically first in line to claim religious intolerance but even a cursory glance around the world clearly shows it isn’t Mennonites, Mormons, or Baptists who are beheading, burning, and disemboweling Christians for not submitting and converting to their denominations. When is the last time we heard of Catholics murdering their daughters because they converted to Christianity […]

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