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Thursday, May 28th 2015


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A Message that Changed the World

The last Christmas I spent as a non Christian was what God used to bring me to Christ the very next month. I was not a nice person, thinking only of myself and indulging in horrible sins that many involve themselves in when they are headed in the wrong direction. I guess it could be said that I was miserable and had no hope at all for the future. My marriage and two children (at that time) were not the priorities they should have been. I was in the Air […]

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If We Had A White Christian Conservative For President

For We the People, Obama’s time in office has thus far been tantamount to a march through hell with the complete deconstruction of America strapped to our backs, and with despair and immiseration clinched in our teeth. And for the privilege of being unwilling participants in this death march, Obama believes we should be grateful. Obama has usurped and overrun Congressional authority in less time than it took for the Kudzu vine to overrun the South. Some years back I wrote: “Many in America wanted to be proud when the […]

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White Privilege by Dr. Walter Williams

The following was written by my friend, mentor, and colleague, Dr. Walter E. Williams. He shared it with me and I am sharing it as a “Behind The Political Curtain” piece because in it he exposes the very things TDR (The Daily Rant) has been discussing. This is what TDR has been writing and reporting about Common Core, and the malicious psychological assaults being made against white Americans. I am committed to speaking out in defense of those Americans who are afraid, intimidated, or unwilling to defend themselves. This piece […]

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Sam Used To Be An Acronym

SAM used to be an acronym for Surface to Air Missile. Now it is known as the shameless, homosexual deviant, football player who mouth-kissed his equally offensive homosexual lover after being drafted in the seventh round of the NFL draft, a dozen picks from being the very last person picked in the draft. The whole thing is a stunt for publicity and credibility for a player who’s only claim to fame is that he is a homosexual. Sam is everything melanin pimps ( #melaninpimp ) live for, i.e, a person […]

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