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Tuesday, April 21st 2015

The Truth About Blacks

The overwhelming majority of blacks today are consumed by acrimony born out of historical illiteracy and invidiousness, predicated not so much on the belief that they have it so bad, but that others have it so much better than they because of the color of their skin. This firmly held belief consumes blacks more than any desire for a functional well-being that is consistent with modernity. And yet, despite all that has been done to appease them, (often at the expense of those more deserving), blacks given the opportunity display […]

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Liberty, Tolerance, and Christianity

Today most Americans will acknowledge that this is a Christian nation – or a nation founded on Christian principles. These have accepted the national philosophy that has been passed down for generations but they have accepted it blindly and cannot defend their belief, which makes their beliefs vulnerable to assaults of nefarious revisionists. Fortunately, our Founding Fathers fully understood the importance of establishing a solid republic on Christian principles. What did our Founders understand about Christianity and government that they were willing to die for but our citizens today seldom […]

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The One Talent Fatalist

As someone who is considered to be a grassroots activist, I often find myself talking “politics” with many who are interested just for the sake of conversation. It can be a frustrating calling when those who agree philosophically and morally remain apathetic. These represent a large percentage of the population that claim to have conservative values and often identify themselves as Christians. They are the people who attend church on a regular basis, sit in the same pew week after week and maybe volunteer once in a while or even […]

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The Growing Flood of Persecution

With the unopposed march of ISIS in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the missiles flying in Israel, you will witness a growing wave of persecution of Jews and Christians in many parts of the world. Most people, including world leaders, do not understand the “spiritual” nature of radical Islam. I encourage my readers to read Revelation 12 with the understanding of three characters and one symbol that are mentioned in that passage: The Woman – Israel Garland of 12 stars – the 12 tribes of Israel The Child – […]

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