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Monday, May 25th 2015


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A World at War

With only a dozen or so countries living peacefully with absolutely no signs of conflict, we are indeed a world at war. From China’s Sea to Washington’s War Room, we see evidence that something dreadful is about to happen. Such was the case in the 1930’s! History does have the tendency of repeating itself and few seem to recognize that evidence. There have been writers attempt to compare the 1930’s to today’s world conditions, but these modern day prophets have quickly been ignored or refuted. If we look a little […]

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A Picture of Humility – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for August 28, 2014, “Our Daily Bread” by Bill Crowder. ************************ During the Easter season, my wife and I attended a church service where the participants sought to model the events that Jesus and His disciples experienced on the night before He was crucified. As part of the service, the church staff members washed the feet of some of the church volunteers. As I watched, I wondered which was more humbling in our day—to wash another person’s feet or to have someone else wash yours. Both […]

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The Future of Any Society Is Its Children

The future of America is being threatened; and not just from disease infected illegal alien children. We have a White House occupant committed to fundamentally changing the country and politicians on both sides of the aisle equally as committed to helping him accomplish same. It is common sense that the future of any society is its children. And therein is America’s future jeopardized. It should be no secret that the Marxist domestic terrorists of the 1960s did not go away when the Vietnam War and the civil rights issues were […]

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What About The Day After Easter? – From My Vault

The following is my syndicated column which appeared in print March 15, 2005. It is even more relevant today as it was then. ************************ It is nearly Easter. Soon children will hunt colored eggs and the candy sales will soar. To the folks of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), baby chicks and bunnies will be inhumanely conceived and sold as gifts. Department stores will advertise the latest fashions – on sale of course. Church attendance will skyrocket for this one day, the pews being filled by both […]

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