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Friday, May 29th 2015


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If Cat My Doesn’t Why Should Obama and Congress?

I live in Florida but my cat stays in Pennsylvania.  Late last night I returned to PA. to find that to the surprise of everyone concerned she had urinated on my bed, (multiple times, necessitating my buying a new mattress, pillows, and special laundering to insure the pheromones in her urine are removed from the bedding to prevent her from deciding to do it again.  She will not be permitted in my bedroom ever again unless I am in town. If I am willing to take such extraordinary steps because […]

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Elected gods

There was a time in professional sports (baseball in particular) that the reporters covering the game as a block refused to report on the bad behavior and even criminal activity that the player-gods engaged in. Today there is nothing off-limits and nothing that sports reporters will not expose regardless of how salacious or petty. Today things are reversed. The so-called mainstream media treats the elected like gods, refusing to report on the bad behavior of those in congress and even that of Obama, his wife, and his administration. They turn […]

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Point, Click, Delete

The most annoying thing in today’s online world is spam. It shows up in the form of everything from “Russian women are waiting to meet you” to “hot stock tips” to some poor schlep who was robbed and left standing naked down to their skivvies and socks but was miraculously able to reach out to you and about five million other people in hopes that some dullards would send them money. And then, of course, there is the ever familiar entreaty from Umus B. Krayzee living in some podunk, third-world […]

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Does Anyone Have A Plan?

We conservatives, patriots, Christians and believers in tradition values are quick to respond with desperate criticism of those who diametrically oppose us, but there is one criticism you will not hear.  No one can condemn our adversaries for not having a plan.  They have a plan alright; they have a specific plan that they stand amalgamated behind. As an illustration of such a plan, allow me to present one that some of you know about but most of my readers haven’t been alerted to.  It’s a plan that has been […]

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