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Sunday, May 24th 2015


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The Ministry of Walking Back

The Catholic Church has a new Pope, but our country is stuck with the same old president, a man so over-matched for the job the wrapping is coming off the package and turning to tethers with every passing day.  We are getting new phrases into the daily lexicon, and “walking back” is the latest cliché needed to try to protect the image of a complete and utter fraud. He’s a good salesman, there’s no doubt about that, because he’s done a double reverse twist off the low board and got […]

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Saving Susan Rice – by Dan Bubalo

It’s a safe bet that if the Obama administration had devoted as much attention to saving the murder victims in Benghazi as they are saving the sorry, inexperienced backside of marionette Susan Rice there would be no investigation of a cover-up to keep a sitting president from being perceived as an indecisive and immoral weakling.  Clearly, she allowed herself to be used as a tool and showed the discernment of a trainee as opposed to an experienced ambassador when it came to selling deceased Americans down the river to protect […]

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