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May Day!

“May Day” when repeated three times is recognized worldwide as a cry for help in life threatening situations.  The call is traditionally used by mariners and aviators. Unfortunately, crying May Day in the case of a dying nation will not garner the support of nearby ships or planes.  But it can be the battle cry […]

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The Reagan Secret

While visiting my family in California I picked up a pamphlet entitled “The Reagan Secret” published by the Reagan Foundation. Do any of my readers know of this wonderful short explanation of the core principles which led to the success of 20th century’s greatest president? There are only seven basic principles that most of you […]

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Calling A Spade A “Spade”

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS BY CONTRIBUTING WRITER ROSEANN SALANITRI Barack Obama promised to transform America. Usually, if the man tells you it will be sunny all day, you would be wise to take an umbrella with you. Unfortunately, this is one time he meant what he said.  More unfortunate, the promise to transform America seemed […]

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