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Friday, May 22nd 2015


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General Welfare – Then & Now

The word “welfare” conjures up images of the indigent waiting on long lines to receive meager handouts. That image is no longer valid in the United States. Since the advent of food stamps and government assistance programs, living at the poverty level has turned into an acceptable way of life. We no longer see the long bread lines we saw during the Great Depression, and consequently we have become indifferent to the plight of the poor – and worse, so have the poor. Things like welfare and unemployment insurance are […]

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Homeland Security Calls Veterans Domestic Terrorists by John McClain

A movie called “Red” came out not so long ago which has been a real hoot. You have to watch it to get the real value and enjoyment and I highly recommend it. The premise is simple, it focuses on a number of retired former intel types, “spies”, both American and foreign, and their actions when the government decides they are too dangerous to allow to remain alive. When it is put up against what has been happening for the last four decades of Soldiers and Marines returning from combat, […]

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May Day!

“May Day” when repeated three times is recognized worldwide as a cry for help in life threatening situations.  The call is traditionally used by mariners and aviators. Unfortunately, crying May Day in the case of a dying nation will not garner the support of nearby ships or planes.  But it can be the battle cry of the patriots who understand that the country they love is under siege and in dire straits. The man who presently sits in the oval office armed with a pen and a phone is at […]

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The Reagan Secret

While visiting my family in California I picked up a pamphlet entitled “The Reagan Secret” published by the Reagan Foundation. Do any of my readers know of this wonderful short explanation of the core principles which led to the success of 20th century’s greatest president? There are only seven basic principles that most of you would appreciate and are so lacking in our government today. Allow me to give you this information and let me know what you think. 1. Teach more students the principles of government and what made […]

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