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Tag Archives | Dan Bubalo

I've Never Killed A Jogger Because I Was Bored

I’ve Never Killed A Jogger Because I Was Bored

Friends and I were high-energy kids and got in all the usual types of trouble that angered our parents.  We stole crabapples off neighbors’ trees, raided other yards for large apples to toss at 18-wheelers passing through that small part of town, and would all hide out in the woods to have a cigarette and […]

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Bill's Wife, Hanoi Hillary

Bill’s Wife, Hanoi Hillary

Medgar Evans.  Ever heard of him?   To quote Stan Laurel:  “Me, neither, either.” I know of Medgar EVERS, an assassinated, black man and civil rights icon, shot in the head almost five months to the day before JFK, but apparently Hillary Clinton just thinks of him as some token black guy to whom she might […]

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Dear Obama - Please Hike Up Your Skirt

Dear Obama – Please Hike Up Your Skirt

What do you get when you cross a screech owl with a rattlesnake?  Why, Hillary Clinton of course.  Now, how did so many of you get the right answer so quickly? I guess there’s no sense in asking what you get when you introduce a Kenyan National to 1960’s American radicals like Bill Ayers, but […]

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Only 1200 Days Left

Only 1200 Days Left

President Obama said a couple times recently with predictably wonton adulation that he only had about 1200 days left in office.  What’s the slogan going to be in his never-ending campaign:  “You Hope I’ll Change” (but I won’t)?  When he says there’s so much left to accomplish but increasingly less time it means that his […]

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