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Saturday, May 30th 2015


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To Hell With Dogs Until People Count – From My Vault

I am reposting my syndicated column that appeared July 31, 2007. I am reposting this particular piece because with Easter upon us People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will be singing the same sad song they sing during this time in an attempt to raise money. But as I point out not only does PETA slaughter animals, they like most if not all liberal groups ignore the truly helpless. This Easter as we praise God for His resurrected Son, let us also pray for the those who would […]

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Did King Mean What They Now Say? – From My Vault

The following is my syndicated column that appeared in print January 20, 2004. Naturally race-mongers were upset by my words. But today, ten years later, the truth of my words cannot be denied, even though race-mongers will try to ignore what I have written. ************************** With the ever present cacophony of shrill orthopterans – who pervert Martin Luther King’s call for the same unencumbered opportunity for blacks as for whites to one of lowered expectations without accountability – it is only fair to compare what he said juxtaposed to the […]

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The Unasked Question In Benghazi Murders

I warned that the investigation into why Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were allowed to be murdered in Benghazi was being obfuscated by the introduction of the salacious soap-opera drama of “Whom Did The Generals (Petraeus and Allen) sleep with?”Well, add another plank of truth to my assertion. Her royal smut-mucker (whenever it is needed to help liberal causes) Gloria Allred is now involved, supposedly representing Natalie Khawam, twin sister of Jill Kelley. Allred and Khawam held a press conference to explain Khawam’s relationship with Petraeus […]

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