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oath taking


Our Constitution is clear about what the federal government can and cannot do. Article 1, Section 8[i], specifically defines the enumerated powers of the federal government. The rest of the Constitution was designed to keep tight reigns on government and to lay out with great specificity what the powers are of each branch of government; […]

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Loving Our Enemies

As time pushes forward the Bible teaches that we will see a dramatic rise in the persecution of Jews and Christians all over the world. reports: “Young Christian women are facing a greater risk of being kidnapped by extremists, tortured, and even forced to convert to Islam since the Arab Spring ended in 2011. […]

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Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake

Amid worldwide chaos, the Obama administration announced this week new restrictions aimed at controlling energy used by lamps and refrigerators, a commitment to somehow corral cow flatulence, and requirements to post nutritional information on vending machines. In light of such meaningless gestures and questionable priorities I can’t be the only one thinking that Washington DC needs […]

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The Free-Fall of the United States

The free-fall of the United States from world-prominence is not an accident nor happenstance, but instead a manifestation of naive foreign policies which failed to identify and acknowledge exterior threats, combined with a flurry of debilitating and pernicious domestic policies aimed at dismantling America’s economic infrastructure, freedoms, and laws.  President Obama has consistently misjudged the […]

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