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Friday, May 22nd 2015


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Lesson Three – The Light and the Glory

Lesson 3 – The Light and the Glory (Based on Chapter 3 of the second edition) When Columbus left on his voyage, he was the laughingstock of all royalty (except for Ferdinand and Isabella). When he returned, he was receiving personal invitations from men like King John II of Portugal. QUESTION: How do you think this fed into his pride? QUESTION: Given that John II had tried to steal the Indies from him twice, do you think pride was the reason he accepted the invitation? COMMENT: The Bible says that […]

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Understanding The Origins Of The Black Mindset

Reasonable minds are often perplexed as to why many blacks are bitter and angry at society in general and conservatives specifically. I’ve discussed the fact that many blacks harbor these feelings, but it was a former NBA super star who pulled the curtain back on this reality and allowed the light of truth to shine on it. I was watching a sports anthology on basketball recently. A segment of the program focused on the “Fab Five of Michigan,” the enormously talented group of freshmen basketball players who took Michigan’s basketball […]

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