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Saturday, May 30th 2015


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Disdain for Our Constitution

Not long ago I attended a meeting in our community where one of the speakers noted that he always carries a “pocket Constitution” for reference and to remind himself about the underpinnings that were laid for America by our founding fathers. I have to admit that I don’t carry such a document on my person (maybe a “pocket” New Testament) but I have to confess that I was impressed by this man’s worthy habit. When I was in 8th grade it was mandatory that all California students pass, what seemed […]

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Comment Of The Week

THE FOLLOWING COMMENT WAS IN REFERENCE TO MY SYNDICATED COLUMN TITLED “JEANTEL: WHAT WE EXPECT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Thank you! A very right-on, thoughtful article. After our fraudulent fiat money system, the “Federal” Reserve, I view public – GOVERNMENT! – “education as the primary cause of transforming this country from a free Republic to a Fascist police state dictatorship. The state basically declares, “We will educate you whether you like or want it or not. You are our property (slave), we own you, and our will takes precedence over you. […]

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It Doesn’t Make Sense

For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many blacks cleave to victimology like a baby to its mother’s breast. My syndicated article from yesterday was titled “Understanding The Bitter Black Mindset.” As if on cue, a person whose user name represents him to be a minister of some sort, even though he claims to work at a community college, opined the usual complaints, e.g., disparities and institutional racism. He used as evidence of same the disparities of blacks pursuant to a decent living wage, equal education, and […]

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