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D-Day Heroes Weep For America

As inconceivable as it may seem, there are today great numbers of Americans who have never heard of the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. They are ignorant of its historical connection to the events that took place there in the early morning hours of June 6, 1944. Are Americans unaware that there are 9,386 graves in […]

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The Unasked Question In Benghazi Murders

I warned that the investigation into why Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were allowed to be murdered in Benghazi was being obfuscated by the introduction of the salacious soap-opera drama of “Whom Did The Generals (Petraeus and Allen) sleep with?”Well, add another plank of truth to my assertion. Her royal smut-mucker […]

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Obama should listen to generals…

My understanding of war is that you kill more of the enemy than the enemy does of your military. You demoralize the enemy by your might and military authority and when the enemy waves the white flag your military comes home and is acknowledged w/ gratitude befitting them. But then came vietnam when our military […]

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