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Tuesday, March 3rd 2015


Apathy and Destruction

Over two decades ago I wrote a fable I entitled “The Jewel, the Caterpillar and the Well.” I wrote it to describe the frustration of how I felt as I tried to awaken my friends and family to the national dangers that appeared to be lying ahead of us in the near future. There were plenty of signs that things were going awry in this land of the free but the brave were no longer listening. They were carpooling and working overtime, and embracing the theology of materialism that pressured […]

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A Message that Changed the World

The last Christmas I spent as a non Christian was what God used to bring me to Christ the very next month. I was not a nice person, thinking only of myself and indulging in horrible sins that many involve themselves in when they are headed in the wrong direction. I guess it could be said that I was miserable and had no hope at all for the future. My marriage and two children (at that time) were not the priorities they should have been. I was in the Air […]

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Joseph: Model Father & Husband

The story of the birth of Jesus and His conception has been told for two millennia. Most Christian churches dedicate the entire month of December to singing Christmas carols, quoting Messianic prophecies, and other such traditional festivities that we associate with this very special time of year. There have been songs and television movies written about the three Wise Men/Kings that bring gifts to the baby Jesus and even the fictitious little drummer boy. But one of the more interesting and admirable characters is given little attention. Joseph, God’s choice […]

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Traveling With Jesus – Holy Family

[Today is the FINAL installment of Patti Dahlstrom’s book, ‘Traveling With Jesus’. You can read all the published chapters on The Daily Rant here.] Holy Family It is such a wonderful world. We are so blessed to be alive on this paradise of Earth. Look around at its beauty, at the trust and confidence of nature, the natural order of God’s divine plan. Only man’s free will bucks it, only man’s ego. What arrogance keeps us from the gifts of grace ever present and so generously offered? What are we […]

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