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Saturday, May 23rd 2015


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Carpetbaggers and Scalawags

The North and the South both suffered many loses in the Civil War.  Unfortunately, the Reconstruction Era – initiated to help the South rebuild – birth new enemies who were in a unique position to exploit those in dire straits. They were called the “Carpetbaggers” – based on the carpetbag luggage they carried as these Northerners relocated to the South. While their stated mission was to rebuild the war-torn Confederate states; their personal mission was to make money – and they didn’t care how they did it. These profiteers manipulated […]

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Education Reform:Part Two

Those involved in the tea party movement sing the song of limited government but continually seek to remedy of loss of liberties through pushing for more legislation.  We cannot have limited government if We the People do not step up to the plate to figure out solutions to our problems independent of government intervention. If parents believe that government-run schools are undesirable for their children to attend – for a variety of reasons – they need to find alternatives.  Not only does the success of their children’s academic career depend […]

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Power Should Not Be Mistaken For Intellect

Let’s have a quick tutorial about minimum wage, shall we?  It’s more simple than you might imagine. When you don’t have 30 million illegal aliens working for cash and eating for free, there is no need to raise the minimum wage.  Period.  The End.  The supply for labor works off of demand, and there’s no reason for artificial embellishments and government intervention if you just let the water rise.  Moreover, you don’t need to try to find a manner in which to fund Medicaid, because, thank you Jimmy Carter, we’re […]

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It Doesn’t Make Sense

For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many blacks cleave to victimology like a baby to its mother’s breast. My syndicated article from yesterday was titled “Understanding The Bitter Black Mindset.” As if on cue, a person whose user name represents him to be a minister of some sort, even though he claims to work at a community college, opined the usual complaints, e.g., disparities and institutional racism. He used as evidence of same the disparities of blacks pursuant to a decent living wage, equal education, and […]

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