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Friday, March 6th 2015


America’s Bloodless Coup

The American Patriot in 2014 is a frustrated human being. Many have been sounding the alarm that our country is being torn asunder by the incompetent, the illegitimate, the opportunist, and the globalist. While all of this is true, the overriding message may be substantially worse. Our country isn’t being torn asunder; it is being taken over. Let me rephrase: it’s already been taken over. In today’s apathetic culture where the day’s schedule, often geared toward chauffeuring our children to and fro, has taken precedence over protecting our children’s future. […]

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China–Russian Alliance

I thought it would never happen! I grew up during the Cold War where the USSR and developing Red China, though both Communist, were always at odds with each other. I never heard any speculation about a possible alliance between the two. Well, I guess times have changed and mutual needs have been merging these two powers closer together than ever before. Today, there are obvious reasons why Russia and China have made significant agreements that would benefit both. Bill Gertz notes the following: “Russia and China launched large-scale naval […]

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Homeland Security Calls Veterans Domestic Terrorists by John McClain

A movie called “Red” came out not so long ago which has been a real hoot. You have to watch it to get the real value and enjoyment and I highly recommend it. The premise is simple, it focuses on a number of retired former intel types, “spies”, both American and foreign, and their actions when the government decides they are too dangerous to allow to remain alive. When it is put up against what has been happening for the last four decades of Soldiers and Marines returning from combat, […]

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Ilegal Alien Children Not A Controversy: They Are Threat To Our Health And Economy

For your information and protection I am making available to you the briefings I receive from my friend and colleague Dr. Lyle Rapacki. The threat from diseases we are facing pursuant to the illegal alien children pouring across our borders demands “The Daily Rant” (TDR) not sugarcoat the truth. The illegal alien children subsequently being housed in our communities and placed in our schools present very real and serious risks to us. These children are not a controversy. They are a threat to our health and economy. FOR YOUR ANALYSIS […]

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