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It's Time To Fight Fire With Fire

It’s Time To Fight Fire With Fire

It is a well-known fact amongst pugilists and street thugs that the only way you will defeat an opponent with a doily is if the doily is dipped in poison and ground up in their food. Yet, every time we turn around, there the Republicans are with doilies in hand crying foul just before and […]

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The Leftist Media's Idea Of Fairness

The Leftist Media’s Idea Of Fairness

The left, including the card-carrying socialists who count themselves among the leftist ranks, have a right to their opinions. As much as I disagree with them and condemn their policies, I believe, without hesitation, in their right to hold opinions antithetical to mine. The Constitution was drafted for all Americans, not just those of us […]

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Harriet Miers Redux

Harriet Miers Redux

This morning as I was catching up on the campaign front, a sentence caught my eye. It read: “Santorum getting more scrutiny as he surges in Iowa.” For those who are unfamiliar with political speak, that’s the same as saying Santorum is about to be trashed and destroyed in the media. It was the proverbial […]

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FoxNews reported and I've decided

FoxNews reported and I’ve decided

FoxNews is blathering all over itself pursuant to its upcoming presidential debate from Iowa. So what – I wouldn’t watch it if someone held a gun on me. I found the behavior of Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Megyn Kelly in the debate they hosted in Oralando, Florida, two steps below abominable – and the […]

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