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Saturday, May 23rd 2015


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Hillary Clinton faces hearings on Benghazi

It Matters To The Dead Men’s Families, Hillary

I am reposting this column which I originally wrote January 29, 2013, not to remind you of how vile Hillary is, but to remind you to never forget the brave men and their families that she and Obama tread under foot. ******************************** Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee January 23, [2013] Hillary’s performance was predictable. After suffering with a tummy ache, an alleged fall, and alleged blood clots caused by the alleged fall – she appeared before the Committee filled with spit and vinegar. Her theatrics were expected (at […]

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Bill And Hillary Clinton – The Presidential Job Resume

Bill and Hillary Clinton are like a case of herpes; they re-appear at the most inopportune times and will not go away permanently. Forget Jimmy Carter and his 33 year voyage of trying to rehabilitate his image.  He’s been quiet of late because President Obama has taken the yoke off his neck as being the most inept president ever, at least in modern times, and if you examine the record of Bill Clinton in general, and specifically as president, he isn’t much different.  He can’t rest on his laurels because […]

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Hillary Is The Crafty One

Hillary Clinton is accused of being a lot of things — 99 percent of which are unflattering and true. That said, I had an ah-ha moment that reminded me of just how sharp she can be. My ah-ha moment came last week while I was reflecting on the contemptible arrogance of Obama as he, without the least bit of concern for being exposed as a liar, told people that he had never said we could “keep” our current healthcare plans if we liked them, despite the fact that as I […]

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Bill’s Wife, Hanoi Hillary

Medgar Evans.  Ever heard of him?   To quote Stan Laurel:  “Me, neither, either.” I know of Medgar EVERS, an assassinated, black man and civil rights icon, shot in the head almost five months to the day before JFK, but apparently Hillary Clinton just thinks of him as some token black guy to whom she might give a dust-away reference, as if the man just got caught in the crossfire.   Her recent speech in San Francisco in front of the The National Bar Association is akin to referencing Dr. Martin Luther […]

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