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Clueless Scapegoats

The term “scapegoat” was used in the Bible when two goats were symbolically chosen on the Day of Atonement to bear the sins of the children of Israel, one was then sacrificed and the other was sent into the wilderness. Today the connotative meaning of the word has been expanded to mean anyone that takes […]

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A Ham Sandwich Could Beat Hillary and Sanders

The Karl Rove and Reince Priebus led establishment Republicans and their sycophants have used a series of polls with highly questionable, if not outright fallacious, findings in an attempt to use one of their most successful “vote control” tactics. Said tactics being that if we do not elect their bad Republican candidate a bad Democrat […]

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Donald J Trump

Is Donald J Trump A Sexist? POLL #98

Hillary Clinton thinks Donald J Trump is a sexist. Donald Trump on Saturday night slammed Hillary Clinton by citing her husband’s history of marital infidelity and alleged sexual misconduct, escalating the increasingly personal feud between the GOP front-runner and the leading Democratic presidential candidate. Our question is a simple one. Do you think Trump is […]

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Hillary Clinton: Embarrassment To Herself – Traitor To America

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the darling of liberal/feminist groups. They have long proclaimed her the smartest woman in America among other plaudits. They would have us believe that she above all other women is worthy of our respect. But in truth, Hillary is exactly kind of woman right-minded parents would not want their […]

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