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Friday, March 27th 2015


My Personal Pledge To You

Dear Friends, I do not address the following to gloat or toot my own horn as being better than someone else. But I think it is important that I take the time to address what is becoming an increasingly bad pattern. Earlier this week I was made aware that yet another long-time defender of our faith and historic traditions has taken steps to embrace homosexuality within the framework of same-sex marriages. Regardless of the rationale behind this ministry giant, the U.S. component of World Vision, either wittingly or unwittingly opened […]

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Homosexual Agenda Not Synonymous With Civil Rights For Blacks

Homosexuals try to pawn their perceived struggle for complete and total acceptance of their chosen lifestyle as being synonymous with what blacks went through to achieve civil rights. But their attempts to equate their radical agenda with discrimination as defined in The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is blatantly false and without merit. Blacks were prevented based on the color of their skin alone in many domiciles because of prejudice and by codification of segregation, to vote, to purchase property where they chose, eat wherever they desired, attend events, ad […]

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Recently a group of concerned residents met in Ocean Grove, NJ to begin planning for the formation of the Black Robe Regiment of New Jersey.  We were a mixture of clergy and laity from several counties in the state who seem to embrace a like precious faith and are willing do what it takes to preserve what we believe to be our “inalienable rights.”  We come from different backgrounds, denominations and nationalities.  Our goal is to incorporate in the state and do what we can to encourage the pastors, priests […]

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Republican Reformation?

After reading various reports about Republican “rebranding,” I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach.  It seems the Grand Old Party is bowing to the politically correct progressive movement of the left.  What would Ronald Reagan have to say to Priebus and other leadership in the GOP? It may be that we never see the leadership of a President Reagan again.  The political conservatives, like many in church leadership, have yielded to the polls to guide them to a “new image” that hopefully will attract the multitudes into […]

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