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Wednesday, May 27th 2015


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Alternatives to Impeachment

It is a sad period in American history when there is so much talk of impeaching our President. I remember about 7 years ago when the democrats became very serious about impeaching Pres. Bush. The dems conducted hearings on whether or not to move forward with impeachment proceedings. I’m glad they didn’t! I clearly remember the impeachment of Pres. Clinton in 1998 because he lied to the American people. No matter what political party you belong to, the decision to impeach a president is not a pretty one. There is […]

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Did Obama Suborn Perjury?

Let me begin by reminding you of what I started voicing only days after Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were murdered at the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi in Libya. It wasn’t an attack by protesters. Nor was it an attack by militants. It was a full-out terrorist attack. I’ve also been saying since September 14, 2012 when former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told the media “We don’t have and did not have concrete evidence to suggest that this [the Benghazi attack] was not […]

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Rove and Company Should Heed Donna Brazile’s Warning

Democrat strategist Donna Brazile, understands what Karl Rove, Reince Preibus, and the Republican establishment stubborningly do not. Appearing on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Brazile said: “Eric Cantor did not pay attention to his voters. He lost touch with them and he spent the morning of election day, I mean, this is a very important time to be on the local news, not in the national news, the local news, at Starbucks. He should have been [at] Krispy Kreme down in his district…He was out of touch. And the […]

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Only BO knows What Made Bowe So Important

On Tuesday, June 3, I wrote: “Obama is a man on the ropes. He is coming more unhinged. Only a person with deep-seated emotional instability makes the public displays he does. Only a person teetering on the brink of emotional collapse continues to make fallacious statements and then attempts to downplay them by claiming even greater lies.” (See: No More Tinkles Down Leg of Chris Matthews) Obama’s sucklings attempted to discredit the statement by Matthews, but their shameful leader’s disgraceful behavior undermined their objections. In Warsaw, Poland, also on June […]

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