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Wednesday, May 27th 2015


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A First Hand View of the “Immigration Crisis” by George Rodriguez

The following was forwarded to me. It is a firsthand account of what is taking place along the border. *********************** I am a 5th generation Texan of Mexican descent, who was born and raised in the Border region. I also worked on the 1986 Immigration Act in the Reagan Administration, and therefore I feel somewhat qualified to speak about the current immigration crisis and recommend some solutions. The Border region has always been lawless, and my family and I have lived with the impact of illegal immigration and border crime […]

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Traveling With Jesus – Chapter 7 – John 7:24 Discrimination and Discernment / The Trick

  Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24 There is a common misconception about discrimination and prejudice. We tend to associate discrimination and prejudice with a minority usually defined by dark skin color, female sex, religion, age, or financial standing. Actually, the minority is simply the person in a situation who is unlike the majority of people in that situation. Racism is typically viewed as a white against black or prejudice as young against old. While that is true at times, the opposite situation is […]

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Obama a Surprise? Weren’t You Listening?

I’m typically ahead of the curve of social issues, and I am very seldom far from the front of the line when it comes to politics as a whole. And while it may appear as though I am patting myself on the back, believe me when I say I derive no pleasure from being right in this instance. Penny Starr of CNSNews reported that Gary Bauer, president of American Values said on Friday June 20: “This ought to be the epitaph of [the Obama] administration: In the last five years […]

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Obama needs a teleprompter

With Jobs Stagnant, Obama Tries To Change The Subject

This financial commentary by Louis Woodhill first appeared June 9, 2014, on ( Employment is a lagging indicator of the state of the economy. So, it is not surprising that, after real GDP (RGDP) growth went into reverse in 1Q2014 (by contracting at a 1% annualized rate), we have seen a significant deterioration in the labor market during 2Q2014. While America added 379,000 full-time-equivalent* (FTE) jobs per month during 1Q2014, the monthly gain for the first two months of 2Q2014 has averaged only 94,000. At this rate, getting back […]

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