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Friday, March 6th 2015


The Sad Truth Many Blacks Reject

There is an Erebusic modality amongst blacks that is based on a rejection of the truth confronting them. Said being: They are their own worst enemy and they refuse to grasp that factuality. Blacks are showing their outrage that a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown in defense of his own life. The usual race mongers have showed up en masse to incite rioting and condemn white people as a whole and white police officers specifically. It’s easy for blacks to blame white people for the consequences they suffer […]

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Ferguson: The Media’s Problem Is That We All Don’t Think Alike by Bob Parks

The ongoing media frenzy over the Ferguson shooting has many of us collectively shaking our heads, as the visuals suggest all black people have been whipped-up into a torch and pitchfork mob, calling for the stringing up of a murderous cop who killed an innocent black youth. Many of us are apparently in the true minority as we watch young blacks taking to the streets, at all hours of the night, to participate in protests and/or civil disobedience: an activity most responsible parents would not allow. But it’s clear, the […]

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If Whites Were Black Their Murders Would Matter

The race mongers are out en masse sucking their teeth and wagging their heads. The media has stopped only short of delivering the news draped in sack cloth and ashes. Obama has inserted himself into the situation slandering the police and Eric Holder showed up to spook young people into fearing police (make that white police). I’m speaking of the coverage of a young man of highly questionable behavior and questionable character, named Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. It matters not […]

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Michael Brown Shooting Excuse For Blacks To Riot

So let me get this straight. Michael Brown reportedly wrestles with a St. Louis County police officer while the officer is still in the squad car and ends in Brown being shot once from inside the police cruiser and multiple times outside of the cruiser resulting in Brown’s death. And to teach the police a lesson, blacks burn and loot the few stores that are available to them in their neighborhood! Add to that, the victim is immediately heralded as nothing short of being apostolic. Well, isn’t that the way […]

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