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Thursday, May 28th 2015


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Obama Woman Throws “Excrement” in Faces of Military Families At SOTU

I know that most of my contemporaries are writing and talking about Obama shedding any vestige of pretense pursuant to what he truly is in the wake of his State of The Union address (SOTU). Rush Limbaugh opined that Obama will spend what is left of his term in office doing exactly as he pleases in defiance of Congress and the Constitution. But, for the record, I said that was the way he would end his second term immediately after he won reelection. Others opined that there was no longer […]

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Whites Are Held To Higher Standards Than Blacks

That neo-Leninist liberals hold white Americans to a different standard than they hold blacks is bad enough, but they hold blacks to a lower standard that is incompatible on any quantifiable level of propriety and civility. Whites are expected to be respectful, civil, and conscious of what they say, and based on what is being taught in public schools conscious even of what they think. Whites must be ever respectful of the feelings of other people, specifically blacks. But blacks are not held to said expectations of social grace and […]

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Ten Million Here, A Hundred Million There, Michelle Obama Vacations Continue To Add Up

On Tuesday, March 4, my syndicated Daily Rant was titled “Michelle Obama Dramatically Increasing Our Financial Hardship.” On January 31, in a syndicated Daily Rant I wrote an article titled “Michelle Obama: First Lady of Spending Taxpayer Money.” This evening I would like to share even more staggering numbers of how Michelle is permitted to use our tax dollars as reward for staying with a person for political necessity and political gain. Eric Owens, writing for the Daily Caller, lists expenses for Michelle Obama’s luxurious, tax-funded lifestyle that are beyond […]

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Michelle Obama is a One Percenter

Michelle Obama Dramatically Increasing Our Financial Hardship

Michelle Obama was not elected to office, and while, by definition, her husband did not usurp the position he dishonors, his self-aggrandizing, bigoted wife is usurping authority and inflicting additional financial injury upon an already suffering people. Michelle Obama’s latest foray into the public spotlight was last week when she announced “her”— “proposed changes to U.S. food labeling rules that seek to tackle the fact that the average serving sizes used to calculate calorie intake have lost track with the reality of modern American appetites.” She coldly stated, “This will […]

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