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Friday, May 22nd 2015


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The Globalism Charade

The United Nations Offices at Geneva’s website has this to say about its predecessor, the League of Nations (LN): Born with the will of the victors of the First World War to avoid a repeat of a devastating war, the League of Nations objective was to maintain universal peace within the framework of the fundamental principles of the Pact accepted by its Members: « to develop cooperation among nations and to guarantee them peace and security »  Considering that the LN was a consortium of nations whose objective was to […]

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Shakir Wahiyib is a feared enforcer for the Islamic State of Iraq

ISIS Now or Later

Whatever happened to logical, reasonable, commonsensical thinking? Has the political correct influence permeated so deep into our ignorant minds that we have lost any levelheaded decision making capability on how to lead our country into secure days? To illustrate what I mean let me use the turmoil in Iraq as an example. • By 2011 President Obama wanted a full and complete withdraw, leaving no contingency troops in Iraq to train and present a deterrent for any possible uprising in the future. You will hear other spins about this foolish […]

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America’s Biggest Threat

A variety of threats could be listed in today’s America. All of them would probably be legitimate. Looming financial disaster, intrusion by the United Nations in many levels of life and government, Obamacare, Common Core Education, depletion of our military, illegal immigration, voter apathy, and of course terrorism – just to name the most obvious. But the biggest threat to America may be lurking in the background hiding behind all the rest – the man now occupying the White House. Many refer to him as POTUS. I befittingly refer to […]

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Today’s Forecast

Like many of you, I go to the weather channel each day to get the forecast so that I can prepare for what may lie ahead. It will tell me what to wear, whether I can work outside and how far I should travel. Thank God for the science today that gives us a warning or encouragement when it comes to weather. Recently, like many of you, I have been watching the History Channel’s, “World Wars,” that recalls the days leading up to the 20th century’s major wars. History so […]

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