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Tasmanian devil

Obama Chooses Muslim Extremists Over Murdered Christian Children

Before going any further, I must confess that it is getting harder -no, “impossible” – for me to maintain respect for the office of the presidency. During the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter, at least it was possible to separate the incompetency of the man from the office. Since January of 2009, all those possibilities […]

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taliban released

America’s Biggest Threat

A variety of threats could be listed in today’s America. All of them would probably be legitimate. Looming financial disaster, intrusion by the United Nations in many levels of life and government, Obamacare, Common Core Education, depletion of our military, illegal immigration, voter apathy, and of course terrorism – just to name the most obvious. […]

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the federal holiday that commemorates American men and women who died in military service to their country. So it may seem a bit incongruous – pursuant to same – that I suggest this Memorial Day we hold a wake for the living, in recognition of those who should suffer political deaths for […]

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Donkeys Can’t Run With Thoroughbreds

The short explanation as to why donkeys aren’t qualified to enter the Kentucky Derby is because they’re just not made of the right stuff, and it’s also the same reason that prior to 2008 a community organizing hustler with an unverifiable background had never made it to the White House.  That isn’t to say that […]

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