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Friday, May 29th 2015


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The Putrid Taste of Moderates

For the last few decades or so this country has been divided by liberal and conservative ideologues. The division has arisen as a result of (in my opinion) liberals thinking they can make up their own minds about what is right and wrong while conservatives support traditional values. Even those who claim to be Christians mistakenly validate their liberal biases as being “Christianly.” After all, isn’t it “Christianly” to want to take care of the poor and allow women to make choices about their own bodies? While I vehemently disagree […]

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The Election Is Over, Not The War

The election is over, the war is not, and we must understand that. It’s imperative we remain focused and energized. We must realize who our enemy is – what their end goal is and what they will do to accomplish same. There isn’t time for hand wringing, craziness, and/or loyalty to those responsible for the loss of this election. I have been on record since March 2009 that the Republican Party hierarchy was not going to run a candidate who had a chance of winning. Even though on election eve […]

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The People Have Spoken – by Dan Bubalo

Like him or not, Mitt Romney ran a good race. In fact he ran a great race. He was “presidential”, he’s brilliant beyond anything I can imagine, he presented an alternative, and the voters of the United States said, “Take a seat on the bench.” WOW. WOW. WOW. The message is still sinking in. Last night I discussed the lives of Mitt and Ann Romney and asked rhetorically, “Do you think they’re sleeping well?” Nobody could ask for a better shot at the prize. Nobody could have picked a better […]

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It’s A Simple Business Plan

My colleague and I exchanged emails late last week and one of the subjects in general was The Left and in particular Fabian socialists, which caused me to opine: “their tactics and goals are unmistakably clear, but their methodology is never fully explained, which is to prey upon the emotions of greed and envy. It’s an easy sell compared to challenging people to grow and achieve individually and plays off the weakness of the human spirit as opposed to trying to build it, and is always cloaked in the pseudo-intellectual […]

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