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The Election Is Over, Not The War

The Election Is Over, Not The War

The election is over, the war is not, and we must understand that. It’s imperative we remain focused and energized. We must realize who our enemy is – what their end goal is and what they will do to accomplish same. There isn’t time for hand wringing, craziness, and/or loyalty to those responsible for the […]

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It's A Simple Business Plan

It’s A Simple Business Plan

My colleague and I exchanged emails late last week and one of the subjects in general was The Left and in particular Fabian socialists, which caused me to opine: “their tactics and goals are unmistakably clear, but their methodology is never fully explained, which is to prey upon the emotions of greed and envy. It’s […]

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He's Blowing Smoke

He’s Blowing Smoke

In football it’s called a “hail mary,” in politics it’s called desperation, and in the language you and I speak it’s called “blowing smoke in someone’s ear.” In an on-air interview, Obama called Mitt Romney that which bulls deposit in fields with an “er” on the end. Such a display may be poor decorum and […]

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