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Thursday, May 28th 2015


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Treat Hattiesburg, MS Police Murders Like Blacks Treated Baltimore

There is one thing that you can bet on that’s as certain as sunrise and sunset and that is if one or both of the police officers who were murdered Hattiesburg, Mississippi by the lowest form of black garbage, had fired first and killed one of those pieces of filth, Obama, the New Black Panther Party, and their minions would claim it showed police were out of control and hunting blacks for extermination. I’m speaking of the two police officers brutally gunned down in cold blood in Hattiesburg, Mississippi early […]

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Mainstream Media: Cultural Marxist Race Mongers

With few exceptions, the reporters for the mainstream media are reprobate and void of any semblance of truth and/or integrity. They are cultural Marxists doing their very best to promote racial acrimony. I searched articles by mainstream media reporters pursuant to the murder of Jim Stuhlman of the Overbrook section of Philadelphia. Three black teenagers gunned down Mr. Stuhlman as he walked his dog. He begged for his life pleading with them “Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot me,” ultimately to no avail. Tyfine Hamilton age 15, Brandon Smith […]

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Global Warming and Prophecy

Global warming, (a/k/a climate change), is a peculiar tenet embraced by liberals.   Although the modern liberal movement may think they are the founders of this movement, Adam and Eve were the first environmentalists. They were instructed by God’s to take care of the garden and treat the animals properly (Gen. 1:28). Today uber liberals have also become uber environmentalists, and as is the case in other instances, their extremism has perverted noble intentions. To be clear, this writer who grew up in a small NJ town can appreciate the environmentalist […]

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Blacks Are Willingly Oblivious

The willingness of many blacks to overlook the pandemic of systemic violence they perpetrate not just against one another but against anyone coming within the orbit of their sphere of locality is appalling. It is also second only to their propensity for reflexive victimology. Somehow the majority of blacks are willingly oblivious to black-on-black crimes and black-on-white crimes. But, at the first incident of white-on-black crime (real or perceived) these same oblivious folks join together in the old chorus of “Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen” or some other Negro […]

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