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Whoopi Goldberg and Pope: Both Wrong

Stupidity is a deadly disease, but pompous stupidity is not just deadly but it is communicable, and therefore should require quarantine. Consider Whoopi Goldberg for instance. Goldberg has declared: “This is the first time since probably [Pope] John XXIII that I have been reinterested and reinvigorated, because this guy, you know, he read the book. […]

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Rosa Parks Was No Hero

The liberal mind is an alchemy of dead flies on rotting carrion and accordingly, whatever comes out of their collective mouths has the stench of death. An empirical example was the aftermath of when the Republican presidential candidates were asked, during the last presidential debate, what woman they would like to see replace Alexander Hamilton […]

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Combat Race Mongers By Changing How You Think

Barry Ritholz, the Wall Street wealth management giant, accurately points out that there are 20 cognitive biases, which directly affect individual decision-making. Specific to same, I find his number “16 Salience: Our tendency to focus upon the most easily recognizable features of a person or concept; his number 17 Selective Perception: Allowing our expectations to […]

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Jeb Bush’s Tall Tales

Jeb Bush must be credited with the biggest lie of the evening during the Republican Presidential Debate on CNN. It is entirely possible that his was singularly the most transparent lie that will be told throughout the entire presidential campaign. Bigger even than Christy claiming to be good for America. Bush was questioned about his […]

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