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Wednesday, May 27th 2015


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If Stupid Were A Person

For many people the most important thing when it comes to Obama is the color of his skin. Since all exaltations begin with the color of his skin, I think it only fitting to begin criticism with same. Ergo, if “stupid” was black, had two legs, and lied practically every time it opened its mouth “stupid” would be Obama. Obama is an anti-Second Amendment agenda-driven liar who will say anything to advance his assault against law enforcement protecting themselves. Standing in Camden, New Jersey last week, Obama announced new federal […]

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Follow The Truth

As we talked, my friend made the simple but profound statement: “I go where the truth leads me.” That simplistic statement should be the pursuit of all mankind but sadly, as another friend said recently: “The problem is that so many foolish people find truth offensive.” Which brings me to my point. I do not view things through a color-coded matrix and that upsets those who place a higher value on skin color than they do the worship of God. They can claim otherwise but the truth undermines their protestations. […]

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Traitors Are Not Patriots

Rudy Giuliani’s recent remarks about the man now occupying the White House have been the source of many interesting conversations. While admirably proclaiming that he believes Barack Obama does not love America, Giuliani stopped short of calling him “unpatriotic.” But Giuliani is not alone in his reluctance to call Obama “unpatriotic.” Commentators that have been exposing the treasonous ways of Barack Obama also fall short of calling the man “unpatriotic” – as if doing so crosses some invisible line that affects their own credibility. For example, Bill O’Reilly will frequently […]

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What About The Liar In The White House [Video]

NBC has suspended their evening news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay for lying.  Williams lied, no one disputes that; my question is, compared to the lies that Obama has told and continues to tell, why does he get to do so with impunity when his lies are destroying the country? We invite you to stand with us to expose and stop the liberals and win more Americans to our side. I know you are as energized as I am to spread the optimism and hope of the […]

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