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Saturday, May 30th 2015


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Why Is Barrack Obama Important To History?

I may be a nationally recognized political pundit and activist, an author, and a nationally syndicated op-ed columnist, but I am first and foremost a Christian and a minister. As such, I understand the integral part in history that Obama is destined to play. Sadly, the significance of his role is for all the wrong reasons. View the [ less than 2 minute ] video below. Why do YOU think Obama is important to history? Comment below. Take action by sharing this article

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Mark Levin Was Spot On At CPAC

Mark Levin, the unapologetic Constitutional Conservative author and talk show host, “unleashed” on the feckless craven so-called Republican Party of Karl Rove and Reince Priebus. And he did it at no less a venue than CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). And I am only too happy to say that he ripped them using the exact same words I have used ad nauseum when referencing them. Mark put the Rove-Priebus camorra of traitors, liars, and deceivers that now comprise what was once the proud Party of Lincoln and Reagan on notice. […]

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America’s Bloodless Coup

The American Patriot in 2014 is a frustrated human being. Many have been sounding the alarm that our country is being torn asunder by the incompetent, the illegitimate, the opportunist, and the globalist. While all of this is true, the overriding message may be substantially worse. Our country isn’t being torn asunder; it is being taken over. Let me rephrase: it’s already been taken over. In today’s apathetic culture where the day’s schedule, often geared toward chauffeuring our children to and fro, has taken precedence over protecting our children’s future. […]

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We Are the World’s Police

Almost two months ago I wrote an article entitled, “ISIS Now or Later.” In that article I made mention how important it was for Pres. Obama to bomb the convoys of ISIS as they traveled from one city to the next. If he chose not to get involved, we will all pay a greater price later when ISIS forms a nation, taking part of Syria and half of Iraq. This past week our president has finally made a decision; a decision to bomb at a minimal level. We probably are […]

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