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Friday, May 29th 2015


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Republicans No Longer The Party of Reagan

Republicans love to invoke references to Ronald Reagan, who was the last truly great American president. They self-assignate as Reagan Republicans, and they love to pose before cameras and laud themselves as being in the tradition of President Reagan. They remind me of the atheists who argue there is no God but use His name as a vulgar pejorative. While most so-called conservative Republicans effortlessly assign to themselves the moniker of Reagan Republican few have done it more frequently and to greater shame than John Boehner. Karl Rove is yet […]

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When the Lights Go Out

One of our sons got my wife and me a Roku last Christmas and we have enjoyed the many Netflix films that are offered.  Lately, we have been watching a television series called “Revolution.”  This series begins with the disaster of all generated power going out throughout the world.  It depicts how governments fall and chaos grips America.  People are so hungry they will kill their neighbor for a small portion of food.  Militias are quickly formed in various parts of the country with evil people in leadership.  I couldn’t […]

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We The People Must Be Aware

Since mid 2003 I’ve been sounding the warning about the hierarchy of the Party to which I belong. And I want to warn you yet again. We know that liberal Democrats are Marxists in Brooks Brothers’ suits and dresses from Nordstrom’s. And we know that the Democrat rank and file are nothing more than the neutered/spayed obedient schnooks. But at one time we expected more from the Republican Party than what it has become today. Ronald Reagan brought dignity and honor back to the Party of Lincoln. Ronald Reagan had […]

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Republican Reformation?

After reading various reports about Republican “rebranding,” I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach.  It seems the Grand Old Party is bowing to the politically correct progressive movement of the left.  What would Ronald Reagan have to say to Priebus and other leadership in the GOP? It may be that we never see the leadership of a President Reagan again.  The political conservatives, like many in church leadership, have yielded to the polls to guide them to a “new image” that hopefully will attract the multitudes into […]

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