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Tuesday, May 26th 2015


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We Are the World’s Police

Almost two months ago I wrote an article entitled, “ISIS Now or Later.” In that article I made mention how important it was for Pres. Obama to bomb the convoys of ISIS as they traveled from one city to the next. If he chose not to get involved, we will all pay a greater price later when ISIS forms a nation, taking part of Syria and half of Iraq. This past week our president has finally made a decision; a decision to bomb at a minimal level. We probably are […]

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Alternatives to Impeachment

It is a sad period in American history when there is so much talk of impeaching our President. I remember about 7 years ago when the democrats became very serious about impeaching Pres. Bush. The dems conducted hearings on whether or not to move forward with impeachment proceedings. I’m glad they didn’t! I clearly remember the impeachment of Pres. Clinton in 1998 because he lied to the American people. No matter what political party you belong to, the decision to impeach a president is not a pretty one. There is […]

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Obama a Surprise? Weren’t You Listening?

I’m typically ahead of the curve of social issues, and I am very seldom far from the front of the line when it comes to politics as a whole. And while it may appear as though I am patting myself on the back, believe me when I say I derive no pleasure from being right in this instance. Penny Starr of CNSNews reported that Gary Bauer, president of American Values said on Friday June 20: “This ought to be the epitaph of [the Obama] administration: In the last five years […]

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If We Had A White Christian Conservative For President

For We the People, Obama’s time in office has thus far been tantamount to a march through hell with the complete deconstruction of America strapped to our backs, and with despair and immiseration clinched in our teeth. And for the privilege of being unwilling participants in this death march, Obama believes we should be grateful. Obama has usurped and overrun Congressional authority in less time than it took for the Kudzu vine to overrun the South. Some years back I wrote: “Many in America wanted to be proud when the […]

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