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Saturday, March 28th 2015

It’s Time To End Racial Assignations

I recall a little boy asking me; “Why there are no more dinosaurs?” When I responded, “Why do you think there are no more dinosaurs?” he replied, “Because there’s no place for them.” Whether or not you find the little boy’s joke funny, the depth of truth his joke contained is transpicuous. Which brings me to another dinosaur we have run out of room for and it is the idea of racial assignations juxtaposed to being a nationality – which is exactly what is taking place in America today. America […]

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Liberal Bigots Upset By The Truth

My syndicated Daily Rant titled “Time To Call A Spade A Spade” (9/2/14) sent the Obama goons into an apoplectic tizzy. As we have long understood the one thing leftists cannot abide is the truth. And let there be no doubt the one thing that sets off white liberals more than anything else is a person of color who is better spoken and more intelligent they are. Specific to that point, racist white liberals and their Negro cheering sections spared no attempt to inform me of their objection to my […]

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Eric Holder: Black and Miserable

The lies, half truths, distortions, and the fomenting of black antipathy toward whites by racial agitators (including the mainstream media) have been exposed for what they are. But there is one person we should address and that is Obama’s racial provocateur-in-chief, Eric Holder, who is supposed be a non-biased Attorney General. While in Ferguson, MO, Holder was quoted saying: “I am the Attorney General of the United States, but I am also a black man.” To which I respond therein lies both the problem and the difference between Americans who […]

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Reparations Are Race-Based Extortion

The last thing blacks in America need or deserve is reparations. Yet there is a group out of Chicago advocating just that. Nor do blacks deserve or need special racial preferences, yet melanin pimps and race mongers use every machination available to achieve same through activist courts. The blacks espousing such debilitating and self-limiting agendas should be forced to answer exactly how reparations would benefit blacks who are already getting every form of government subsistence available to be doled out, and by all empirical and objective color-coded criteria it has […]

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