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Thursday, May 28th 2015


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How Has ‘Keepin’ It Real’ Helped Blacks?

What is it that makes so many blacks so angry? What is it that makes so many of them blame the realities of life that beset everyone, e.g., debt, disappointment, etc., a result of their being black? I know that I am treading on “sacred ground”; I know that the worship of skin color by the majority of blacks specifically, and Liberal white politically correct race mongers who fancy themselves as not having a racist bone in their Liberal bodies is the standard by which blackdom is valued. I believe […]

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White Privilege by Dr. Walter Williams

The following was written by my friend, mentor, and colleague, Dr. Walter E. Williams. He shared it with me and I am sharing it as a “Behind The Political Curtain” piece because in it he exposes the very things TDR (The Daily Rant) has been discussing. This is what TDR has been writing and reporting about Common Core, and the malicious psychological assaults being made against white Americans. I am committed to speaking out in defense of those Americans who are afraid, intimidated, or unwilling to defend themselves. This piece […]

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Leroy Jones Leaves No Doubt About Who Owns Him

Any doubt pursuant to who controls the tongues of black melanin pimps has been put to rest. Any question pursuant to who the true slaves are has similarly been put to rest. It is blacks shackled to the liberal Democrat plantation. And there is no more representative figure of both slave and melanin pimp than Leroy Jones, faux Chairman of the Essex County New Jersey, Democrat Committee. On May 2, 2014 Marie Strumolo Burke was selected as The Daily Rant’s (TDR) racist of the month for April 2014. (See: Where […]

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MTVs Hitler’s Youth Werewolf Movement

We’ve known practically from its inception that MTV was cesspool designed to corrupt and erode the values of our young people. And now, they are removing all illusion of said not being the case. They are launching their “Look Different” initiative designed to uncover “hidden racial, gender, and anti-LGBT bias” among millennials. Even the assignation “millennials” juxtaposed to “young people” has a sensus plenior. It images that our young people are breaking away from traditional teachings; and embracing a new, higher, more informed reality. Neo-Leninist sophists, like Democrat strategist, Robert […]

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