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Sunday, May 24th 2015


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Conservatives Must Not Trust Republican Leadership

Those of us who consider themselves conservatives need to understand that conservatism to the Republican hierarchy is defined differently than we define it. And those who consider themselves Republicans because they still believe the Party represents what it did at its inception or what it did under President Reagan must understand that’s no longer the case. The Republican Party is led by craven, self-aggrandizing, ego-centric, Erebusic miscreants who lust after power and privilege. The so-called leadership has no more interest in doing what is best for We the People than […]

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You Can’t Get Oil From Dry Hole

Here’s a question for you. What do the Obamas have in common with the boot-strappin’ Appalachians and the bearded hillbilly “Backyard Oilmen” of the Discovery Channel reality series set in south central Kentucky? The answer is nothing. The Appalachian and hillbilly Backyard Oilmen worked to get where they are; they love America; they’re honest, God-fearing men, and they respect one another. None of those attributes describe the Obamas. Here’s another question for you. Why are these same Appalachian and hillbilly oilmen savvier than the majority of voters? The reason? Because […]

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Are Republican Apparatchiks Coming After Dr. Ben Carson?

Earlier this week, I wrote about my happening upon Fox News Channel (which I no longer watch) while channel surfing. As I wrote, “Bob Beckel Tries To Recast Racist Liberals.” During the brief interlude that I watched Beckel rave wildly about the need for Dr. Ben Carson to be ashamed of himself for daring to accuse elitist white liberals of being “the most racist” people there are, I observed another dynamic that every patriotic American should be aware of and concerned about. It was the former Bush White House Press […]

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Why Do They Want Us To Believe The Tea Party Movement Is Dead?

The Tea Party has been under attack since its inception. Republican hierarchy including, if not especially, Karl Rove, the NAACP, the mainstream media, and, of course, Democrats have found fault and condemned the Tea Party. There were rumors that the Tea Party was no longer viable, that it was on life support, and that it was a damaged brand. Now in a Rasmussen poll released Monday, January 7, 2013, we are informed “the Republican backed Tea Party has reached its most unpopular level since its inception. Just three in 10 […]

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