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Wednesday, May 27th 2015


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Republican Leadership Dishonest As Democrats

It should be understood that few of today’s Republicans are conservative. In fact, some are as left-leaning as any Democrat. Even more troubling many conservative voters are being wantonly deceived because they refuse to understand that the Republican Party in its current incarnation is not our friend. I’ve been off the grid and, for the most part in a virtual news blackout for nearly 11 days. During that time, however, every snippet of news I heard coming from Democrats and the media concentrated on, would “Republicans shut the government down?” […]

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Another Act Of Betrayal

In 2009 Phyllis Schlafly resigned herself to the fact that Democrats cannot be trusted when Bart Stupak, the self-professed, pro-life Congressman from Michigan, cast his lot in support of Obama’s healthcare bill: Despite the fact that Obamacare provided for forced compliance of taxpayer-funded abortion.It now appears that Grover Norquist is about to find out you cannot trust Republicans either. Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). ATR has urged lawmakers to sign their pledge promising to not raise taxes. While some 258 combined House and Senate Republicans […]

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A Divorce From The GOP

The Republican Party, from its inception in 1856, has stood for conservative pro-family and pro-Constitutional values. Those values are what first drew me to the Republican Party and they are what have led me to be engaged in my unwavering support of same. I have opposed those Republicans who support abortion, homosexual marriage, expanded government, increased spending and other political positions that others and I argue are antithetical to what our Party has long stood for. But the Republican Party we have supported and fought for is no longer the […]

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