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Black Victimology Is A Cheap Suit

I just checked my Webster’s dictionary to see if the words “stupid”, “ignorant”, “despair”, and “victim” had the faces of black people in the definition. If those words were a professional sport, I’m guessing blacks could stop whining about there not being enough black baseball players. But then, this isn’t about baseball, is it? This […]

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Eric Himpton Holder:  Attorney General

Eric Himpton Holder: Attorney General

He should change his middle name to “Hitman,” because that is the role he plays as chief enabler to Mr. Obama.  This man has no interest in interpreting and enforcing the laws according to his job description and which were legislated democratically, and instead is hell-bent, as is the president, on re-creating a world of […]

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White Liberals Less Honest Than White Supremacists

White Liberals Less Honest Than White Supremacists

One of the great truisms of the 21st century comes from the lips of Ann Coulter. Annie observes, “Liberals and white supremacists are the only people left in America who are neurotically obsessed with race.” I conclude the difference between the two is that white supremacists are honest enough to admit they’re racist. Additionally, it’s […]

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What's Michelle Obama Got To Be Bitter About?

What’s Michelle Obama Got To Be Bitter About?

I recently was a guest on the Thomas Hayes-Morrison Show, hosted by Thomas Morrison. Thomas is informed and is the kind of host whose show persons such as myself enjoy, indeed look forward to appearing on, because he is straightforward, knowledgeable, well-versed in the subject matter being discussed, and he doesn’t engage in “gotcha” interviews. […]

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Let's Focus On A 'Untied Future' - From My Vault

Let’s Focus On A ‘Untied Future’ – From My Vault

My following syndicated commentary was originally published February 17, 2004. It is as true February is Black History Month. But instead of black children learning the truth of American history, they are taught revisions and misrepresentations. Instead of white children being taught the truth of said history, they are imbibed with guilt, shame and the […]

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