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Saturday, May 23rd 2015


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Donkeys Can’t Run With Thoroughbreds

The short explanation as to why donkeys aren’t qualified to enter the Kentucky Derby is because they’re just not made of the right stuff, and it’s also the same reason that prior to 2008 a community organizing hustler with an unverifiable background had never made it to the White House.  That isn’t to say that an equus africanus asinus (yes, it’s the correct genus, so spare me the race-mail) could not technically run in the fabled run for the roses, but unarguable facts indicate it would be a waste of everyone’s […]

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Accelerating Into Hell

Susan Rice received a plum-job for doing a snow-job on the American people, prostituting herself and perpetuating a lie about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, demonstrating she either had no more awareness than a pre-schooler of the Obama administration’s illegal weapons running and proxy war in Syria, or that she is a reptilian, serial-liar who will say or do anything for the regime with Jonestown fervor.   While lack of sophistication and discernment hardly qualify her for the position of National Security Advisor, her promotion sends an unmistakable message to the […]

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Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd Frank and other Pranks

During a hastily called press conference last week, President Obama vowed an inquiry as to why investigators have not been able to interview the 31 Benghazi survivors, stated he had no idea there was an issue with accessibility, and said he “will have to check into that”, prompting a raging debate whether he deserves an Oscar for uttering those words with a straight face, or if he’ll be relegated to the dustbin with other talentless drudges and receive a Razzie. Whaddya mean you didn’t know, El Presidente?  You’ve had “witnesses” […]

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Are Veterans And Conservatives Greater Threat To Security Than Muslims?

Has anybody heard or seen Obama spring to the microphones and condemn Yusuf Ibrahim? Have you heard the media running 24/7 news updates introduced by macabre music with darkened photos of Ibrahim? Oh, wait, you’re probably saying who is Yusuf Ibrahim. Ibrahim is just another peaceful, Mohammed-loving Muslim who followed the teachings in the book of his so-called religion and ritualistically murdered and dismembered two Coptic Christians in Buena Vista, N.J. which is just outside Philadelphia, PA. I’m shocked that Obama didn’t say something like if “I had a son […]

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