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Friday, May 22nd 2015


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Prime Minister Netanyahu or Obama: Who’s a Man? [VIDEO]

Predictably Obama is hiding behind his sycophants in the media, at the New York Times, et al, as they do his dirty work of attempting to discredit Prime Minister Netanyahu.  If Obama were a real leader; if he were a percentage of the man Prime Minister Netanyahu is, Obama wouldn’t have hid out like a little girl.  If Obama were a leader concerned about the American people and our security, there would have been no need for the Prime Minister of Israel to come here to warn We the People […]

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The Unasked Question In Benghazi Murders

I warned that the investigation into why Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were allowed to be murdered in Benghazi was being obfuscated by the introduction of the salacious soap-opera drama of “Whom Did The Generals (Petraeus and Allen) sleep with?”Well, add another plank of truth to my assertion. Her royal smut-mucker (whenever it is needed to help liberal causes) Gloria Allred is now involved, supposedly representing Natalie Khawam, twin sister of Jill Kelley. Allred and Khawam held a press conference to explain Khawam’s relationship with Petraeus […]

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‘Not Believing’ Doesn’t Make It ‘Not True’

I know what I have to say will be difficult for Obama sycophants who are unable to sit down without hurting their necks because of where they have stored their heads. Specific to that point, the depth of their intellectual dishonesty and their willingness to dismiss fact in the face of fiction is emblematic of the dissonance that disaffects them. Obama is either an all-in Communist or he is a Neo-Leninist; albeit in my lexicon, I employ the two interchangeably. My usage notwithstanding, a vehicle doesn’t have to be red, […]

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When The Cheering Stops For The Cheaters

By now many of you have heard that Lance Armstrong, the once presumed greatest athlete of his generation, has ceased his legal battles against USADA (The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) and WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency), and their dogged pursuit of charges against him for allegedly (cough-cough) leading a sophisticated doping conspiracy throughout his fabled career. In the face of what I’m sure his attorneys advised him were near insurmountable odds against him, Armstrong picked up the victim card and claimed he would no longer fight the charges because it was […]

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