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Sunday, May 24th 2015


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What About The Liar In The White House [Video]

NBC has suspended their evening news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay for lying.  Williams lied, no one disputes that; my question is, compared to the lies that Obama has told and continues to tell, why does he get to do so with impunity when his lies are destroying the country? We invite you to stand with us to expose and stop the liberals and win more Americans to our side. I know you are as energized as I am to spread the optimism and hope of the […]

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Convenient Lie Believed By Obama’s Black Supporters

There are a lot of lies told and believed by Obama supporters, and specifically his black supporters. The most convenient lie, which also happens to be the most believed, is that people condemn Obama’s policies because he is black and tangential to that rationale is the mantra that people who criticize Obama are racists. The truth, however, is markedly different. What goes conveniently unaddressed is the fact that these same people, and once again specifically black people, hate the ground President George W. Bush walks on. But apart from calling […]

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Mychal Massie’s The Daily Rant

Mychal is away for a few days. Today we share a link of what is, even today, Mychal’s most popular article: Why I Don’t Like The Obama’s  Click to read ‘Why I Don’t Like The Obama’s’ here on The Daily Rant Take action by sharing this article

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How Has ‘Keepin’ It Real’ Helped Blacks?

What is it that makes so many blacks so angry? What is it that makes so many of them blame the realities of life that beset everyone, e.g., debt, disappointment, etc., a result of their being black? I know that I am treading on “sacred ground”; I know that the worship of skin color by the majority of blacks specifically, and Liberal white politically correct race mongers who fancy themselves as not having a racist bone in their Liberal bodies is the standard by which blackdom is valued. I believe […]

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