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Wednesday, May 27th 2015


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SOTU: Expect Lies, Denial, And Avoidance From Obama Tonight

Tonight is the State of the Union (SOTU) address. Ask yourself, what can Obama possibly say but more lies? He has failed to better America, but he has been successful in his efforts to divide her and destroy her traditions are the only truthful things he can say. What can Obama say about his lies about the terrorist attack and subsequent murder of Americans in Benghazi? He openly and knowingly lied. There is no way to cover that up or to explain it away. He lied. How can Obama explain […]

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It Doesn’t Make Sense

For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many blacks cleave to victimology like a baby to its mother’s breast. My syndicated article from yesterday was titled “Understanding The Bitter Black Mindset.” As if on cue, a person whose user name represents him to be a minister of some sort, even though he claims to work at a community college, opined the usual complaints, e.g., disparities and institutional racism. He used as evidence of same the disparities of blacks pursuant to a decent living wage, equal education, and […]

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A Historical Reminder – Obama Is Like Roosevelt

How many people are familiar with “The Great Depression of 1893?” How many are even aware there was such a thing? Well, there was, and it was arguably one of the worst, if not the worst, in American history. It was a major economic contraction that lasted until 1897, albeit the economy did experience a sizeable spike from mid-1894 through the end of 1895. Unemployment was above 10 percent nationally and as high as 25 percent in many industrial centers. A quarter of the nation’s railroads went bankrupt, and more […]

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Obama Preens As Michelle Imitates Imelda Marcos

I don’t want to step to far into the area of expertise of my friend and colleague Dan Bubalo, who I am enormously proud to have persuaded to do a weekly exclusive, “Money and Politics” feature that appears here Monday’s. When it comes to money and politics – in my opinion, he is one of the finest essayists today per his former field of endeavor. With that caveat in place, let me say if you are buying the gar-bage the media marionettes and party apparatchiks are blathering about the economy […]

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