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Thursday, May 28th 2015


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Small Ways In Small Places – Sunday Thought For The Day

The following was written for July 20, 2014, “Our Daily Bread” by David H. Roper. ************************* Often I meet with people who serve in what they think are seemingly small ways in small places. They are frequently discouraged by loneliness, feeling that their acts of service are insignificant. When I hear them speak, I think of one of the angels in C. S. Lewis’ book Out of the Silent Planet. He said: “My people have a law never to speak of sizes or numbers to you. . . . It […]

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Dear Barack

This is intended to be an open letter to you Barack Obama. I will dispense with the usual salutatory “Dear Mr. blah blah” because to address you as same would mean that I accept you as my president which I cannot and do not. I know my words will offend those for whom the color of your skin means more than the quality of your job performance. But I place a high premium on the performance of the man who occupies the position you do. A performance that is based […]

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A Few Observations

A gentleman named Kenneth posted a comment to me yesterday morning in response to my evening update “The N Word” from Monday evening. His comments not only blessed my heart but also got me to thinking. Kenneth wrote: “Most of these people are taught from day 1 to be biased. I’ve heard it before but my reality is not based on my fathers Jim Crow experience. I figured it out long ago. I grew up in what is called an USAF brat environment. My friends and experiences were diverse. I […]

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Hat Tip To Lauren Green

I have to give Lauren Green, the religion correspondent for Fox News, a big-time “Way to go girl,” and a reminder of encouragement, as well. Lauren has been harshly (and I argue unjustly) criticized for pressing the Muslim Reza Aslan, who wrote a book blasphemously critical of Jesus Christ, with direct straightforward questions pursuant to his true motives for writing same. Not surprisingly there is no shortage of people calling Lauren’s interview of Aslan one of the most embarrassing interviews in Fox News history. (Funny I would have said Megyn […]

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